6 thoughts on “Gina Bean gets 210 days in death of Calum Hunnicutt but will remain out of custody until January (UPDATED: 9:25 p.m.)

  1. How is this okay??!!! How is this even exceptable??? She killed someone! Destroyed a family!!! She didn’t turn herself in. She tried to hide and thought she would get away with this. I know part of the family of this young man and they are great people who live life making a difference, give back to our community, they are a positive light to all they know and who deserve justice. There is no Solis in any of this. Some young person who gets a dui gets more time and more consequences than this. I just don’t understand our county court system has failed this family.

  2. Did you even read the article? She did not kill anyone she was not at fault he hit the side of her truck it clearly states he was at fault! Did she leave the scene of an accident? Yes she did. Was it wrong of her to leave? Yes it was! And is she being held accountable for doing so? Yes, 210 days in jail and everyday for the rest of her life.

    • Had she not left she might have been able to get him help! Had she not been so selfish as to not get herself into trouble because of her history of drinking and driving she might have been able to render him assistance ! Are you kidding me that she wasn’t at fault?! The second she left the scene, she in my book was considered at fault! How dare she leave that beautiful boy, he was cherished by many! A son, a grandson, a nephew and a friend… It is a travesty and my heart goes out to the family! Justice was not served! And on another note, I know if I’ve hit a squirrel on the road, so her whole bs story of a deer is just erroneous!

  3. Excuse me?! Please don’t project on me, I have the ability to reason and rationalize just fine, you obviously don’t get what I’m trying to say here… Do you even follow this case?! Do you even read the articles?! She claims to have hit a deer, I call bs on that! Troll on

  4. If she hit a deer why was she trying hide the vehicle and get it repaired so quick why not let the insurance cover it ? Cause she new what she had done!

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