UUSD School Bus - photo from MCOE.

Mendocino Co. schools & COVID: what do you need to know?

MENDOCINO Co., 8/28/20 — August means that Mendocino County schools are starting up again — but this fall, a surge of COVID-19 cases in the county and across the state has brought unprecedented changes to the school system. Throughout the summer and even up until through first day of classes, parents, students, and even staff and administrators have struggled to keep up with may seem like constantly changing policies — and we want to hear your questions. Mendocino County recently officially made the state watch list, and that brings a different set of statewide requirements for COVID-19 safety regarding school policies as well as other statewide shelter-in-place public health protocols. To complicated things, today Governor Newsom released a whole new set of guidelines that counties and districts are still trying to suss out. In Mendocino County, there are over 20 different school districts, independent charters, and private schools, and whether it’s about internet access and remote learning, childcare for essential workers, social distancing during extracurriculars, safety policies to protect staff, or the logistics of picking up homework and lunches, we know it’s confusing for everyone to try to understand what policies are being made at what level and how to make the best divisions to their family.