26 thoughts on “Delta variant is here: Dr. Doohan says COVID response ‘has changed’ as cases surge

  1. “Of the 339 million doses of COVID vaccine in the United States, .0018% have resulted in a death. ” This is misleading and inaccurate. According to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) these numbers are correct; approximately 6,200 people who had received the vaccine have also died. However, they are also clear in pointing out that the vaccine is not responsible for their deaths. Only 3 people have died as a result of the (J&J) vaccine. Let’s not give the impression that the vaccine is responsible for 6200 deaths!


    • Actually the number was 12,000 deaths from the fake vax and they were caught changing it back to 6000! There’s a whistle blower that claims deaths are more line 45k +!! So yea, we can’t trust anything the CDC puts out.

  2. I’m so grateful to have gotten fully vaccinated before the Delta variant hit. While I still take modest precautions as I don’t even want a case of Covid that feels like a bad flu. But I no longer have to fear serious illness, hospitalization and death. I wish I could convey to my un-vaccinated friends and neighbors what a relief that is. And I really really hope many more people get vaccinated as it will make it much less problematical opening our schools to in-person learning in the fall – something we all agree is extremely important.

    • BTW I never feared serious illness, hospitalization or death from this Chinese Virus. Why would I when it’s basically the flu. Do we freak out over the flu, no we don’t. I’m 52, active lifestyle, healthy, not over weight, healthy diet, yoga, farmer, carpenter so I get regular sunshine and boost my Vitamin D3 to keep my immune system strong. No masks, no fear and no fake vax. Peace.

  3. Oh heavens, we’re surging, again! Now it’s the Delta “variant”, next week it’ll be the Alpha strain cutting loose and “surging”!!!
    I call BS on the claim that no hospitalizations are from vaxxed people. If the fake vax is “safe” why did 55 fully vaxxed get Covid? Why did 43 people partially vaxxed get it? You don’t know why partially vaxxed people haven’t got the 2nd shot, well, there’s your answer. Why pollute your body if you’re still going to be susceptible?
    We are NOT in a “pandemic”, it is over, therefore its called an endemic.
    Oh, young people dying? Please disclose your numbers, I see that was not provided.
    The fake vax is so safe, except if you get Covid, you still have to isolate for 10 days!
    You don’t respect unvaxxed people, if you did we wouldn’t have garbage articles like this directed at us. Please stop with the fear mongering articles.

  4. Lol rumble is the source that’s great!!! Clearly Lorenzo has done all the “research” and knows what the conspiracy trolls on the internet want him to think.

    • clearly Justadude is a troll that has nothing to offer except whiny words that mean nothing.

    • Just like your “source” means nothing…live your life man just don’t think your smarter because you read some bs on the interwebs.

    • I’m definitely smarter than you because you bring nothing to the table, so you clearly are out to lunch.

    • You certainly bring a lot of the internet to the table and if that’s your gauge for intelligence…well then I’d argue you’re brilliant!

    • The altered CDC reports can be found archived online, but if instead of getting off your duff and doing some actual research all you can do is criticize Lorenzo’s source and slavishly parrot the officially approved narrative then you are complicit in the biggest medical hoax since the widespread use of mercury to “cure” everything from teething pains to syphilis. Frankly I don’t care what crap you allow them to inject into YOUR body, but when you side with the purveyors of a ginned up flu epidemic and the bogus “vaccine” they insist we ALL should get, then you have become just another useful tool of the enemy.

    • It’s got to be frustrating Marilynn when people disagree with you because it’s all there on the internet. How can someone not have the same opinion if they just did their research like you on the internet.

      To be clear I am not parroting any narrative or encouraging anyone to do anything with their bodies or life. I strongly believe people should be free to believe and do whatever they want. It’s good to know I stand as your enemy, always like to know where I stand thanks!

  5. Pharma likes medical dependent zombies.

    Keep pimping, I mean pumping, their blood poison into your veins.

    Good luck with prion blood clots in your spine, lungs, brain and heart in the next few years.

    • We’ve only seen the beginning of the medical poop storm that’s brewing in the aftermath of the mass injection campaign. Be assured that it will all be blamed on the unvaccinated. The propaganda is already being disseminated.

  6. On Saturday the CDC announced that PCR tests will soon no longer be available for emergency use to determine whether individuals have contracted COVID-19, and seemed to tacitly admit that the tests are unable to differentiate between COVID-19 and influenza viruses. Many of National File’s readers noted that this development came less than one week after Bill Gates and George Soros announced their intention to buy a COVID-19 test manufacturer based in the United Kingdom.

    Wuhan flu brought to you by GAVI Institute, Lucent Techologies and dark $$$.

    Trusting the foxes to watch the hen house is just plain stupid.

    Medical malpractice will result throughout this scam chain.

    • just another eye roll from a troll that can’t dispute anything, just a whiner…

    • Oh Lorenzo I’m not here to dispute or argue on the internet…that’s a waste of time! I don’t care what you do or think I’m not trying to change anyone’s mind on anything!

      I am here purely for entertainment…so thank you! Sincerely your woke vaccine ideology and dark money rants have put a smile on my face the last few days and I honestly appreciate it. Keep doing you Lorenzo don’t let anyone tell you different!!

    • Justalude,
      Take the death shot, wear the yellow star sticker ‘I just got shot’ and enjoy the clots courtesy of centralized govt (they dont trust you to think for yourself).

      While you’re at it, take a knee to your communist overlords.

    • They have stickers for the vaccine? Does it have to be a star or can I get a purple unicorn?

    • It has never been about an elusive, shapeshifting “virus.” It’s all about control of the masses, so many of whom have learned to love Big Brother. It’s so much easier to give up the struggle, the “cruel, needless misunderstanding” and “stubborn, self-willed exile from the loving breast!”

    • I stay up so I don’t have to keep up Alberta 🙂 I’m only down for a detention center if I get the purple unicorn tattoo not the star…noooo!!!

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