10 thoughts on “Ukiah Groundwater Agency moves forward with well monitoring network — expects groundwater regulation by June 2022

  1. Nice. More needless regulatory entities to enforce policies upon property owners. Im sure it will have the effect of hammering the little guy, while the pop up wineries everywhere will suck the aquifers dry. California has done a PISS POOR job when it comes to water storage. (And plenty of other things). But not to worry, since people are leaving in DROVES there will be a few gallons left to fight over…

    • Racing to drill the deepest well is a loser’s game.
      Follow the links in the article.

  2. Property owners spend thousands to drill a well on their land. They are then taxed on the improvements. Now to slap a meter and a charge (we know there will be a fee for that monitoring) to monitor your private property. Gov’t overreach at its finest. Another way to bring in revenue under the guise of the greater good for all. We are taxing you into poverty for your own good! Monitor the wineries and leave the private residences alone. Enough already.

    • As a property owner, I want to be able to continue to draw from my well.
      The wineries will be monitored too.

  3. Nooooo!!!! This violates our rights as land owners!! Not OK. How can it be legal to tax or regulate my land or what is on it or how I use it??? Are they going to start taxing my trees next?? Where does it end?

  4. When I first read this article I had a feeling that there would be a negative result. Understand, the UVBGSA has no desire to put meters on wells. It is true that they have the power but the desire is not there. As for myself, I know that good data will greatly improve the decision making processes. There are two aquifers in the Ukiah Basin. They don’t belong to any one person but are shared by those who live here. You don’t want your neighbor pouring his crankcase oil down his abandoned well nor do you want him hogging all the water. Those are things that can effect all of us including you. So, if asked, consider volunteering to have your well metered. I’m sure it would be greatly appreciated and it would assist in sound decision making.

    • Thank you for these comments, Mike Webster. I also encourage public participation and interest in the Groundwater Sustainability Plan development.

  5. I won the bet. Just like all of the author’s other articles, just had to work in “climate change” somewhere. (The Big Bad Wolf of every story.) Yet, no mention of drought, which is a major part of the well water usage problem. California has experienced droughts in 1841, 1864, 1924, 1928–1935, 1947–1950, 1959–1960, 1976–1977, 1986–1992, 2006–2009, 2011–2019, and 2020. Droughts may be due solely to, or found in combination with, weather conditions; economic or political actions; or population and farming.

  6. Where does the stealing end? Monitoring my private water usage so big business can benefit? Why would anyone agree to that? You didn’t pay for up keep or drilling my well why should UKIAH well water management team make money off me ? I don’t get why this crap gets voted in!! IS THERE JUST NOT ENOUGH INTELLIGENT PEOPLE LEFT TO GET RID OF BUSINESS LIKE THIS ?

  7. I encourage the public to review the materials available on Mendocino County Groundwater Sustainability Agency and it’s Technical Advisory Committee. (link at end of comment.) While I applaud the article in bringing the importance of groundwater management to the public’s attention, the interpretation of this public process is not wholly correct. The work being done will contribute to the better management of the local water supply for ALL. A much larger uncertainty to the region’s water system is the relicensing of the Potter Valley Project and its impact on Lake Mendocino. A more immediate concern is that of the current drought situation. Perhaps our local media will soon begin reporting on these issues.
    GSA: https://www.mendocinocounty.org/government/affiliated-agencies/ukiah-valley-basin-gsa

    Potter Valley Project: https://mendoiwpc.com/our-shared-water/

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