Shooting in Ukiah leads to large manhunt (updated)


44 thoughts on “Shooting in Ukiah leads to large manhunt (updated)

  1. Omg. This just, absolutely sends shivers down the entire length of the spinal column. What the heck has happened to my town? This state of lawlessness and chaos can only be attributed to the rise of our fake president 45 and his evil band of racist bigot gun people. These terrible scum care only for themselves and their precious guns and not for immigrants or the earth. We need to stand up and let them know that we Will let all immigrants come stay here! And if they don’t like it, that’s ok because they’re racist pigs anyway and they all hate women and the gays. We need to take their guns away NOW before more things like this happen in our beloved town. Get these nazis out of here. We have to rise up and fight all of these people we disagree with!

    • You’re an idiot. Much the same as most Liberals:
      Whoopi Goldberg SPIT On Jeanine Pirro, Screamed ‘Get The F**k Out Of This Building,’

    • You honestly think that taking away guns from law abiding citizens is going to stop criminals from having guns? And then you are going to call me a nazi because i believe law abiding citizens should be able to own guns?
      I don’t even know who you are but if I saw someone holding you up with a gun you can bet for damn sure I would help you…. but not if I can’t own a gun

    • I am not a huge fan of the president or most of the things he says and does, but how in the world can you blame this on him being in office? This has been going on in Ukiah for years, it may be a newer occurrence in that part of town, but it was most likely, gang, drug, or a domestic occurrence. Taking away guns from law abiding citizens does not prevent criminals from gaining access to them. It prevent s law abiding citizens from protecting themselves against criminals who are threatening them with their illegal weapons/ guns.

    • First off, it was guns in the hand of Patriots that fought for our rights, for instance the first amendment, which gives people like you to freely speak their mind (regardless of how stupid your free speech may be. Secondly OUR President has both women and gays working for him so that pretty much debunks that stupid part of your little speech and thirdly, you’re a real special kind of stupid if you think taking away guns will solve violence and killing. The biggest mass murder that happened in this country was with a bomb you uniformed, loud mouth fuckstick. Maybe do your homework before you start talking about subjects you obviously have no clue about. It’s jackwagons like you who spew hatered into society, with no knowledge or explanation as to what the hell you are saying. Check the stats smart guy, there are more deaths contributed to illegals in this country than legal citizens. So how about you take a breath, eat a tide pods or snort a comdom and chill the fuck out. Come back when you know what the fuck you are saying. And I’ll be more than happy to have an intelligent conversation with you, just as soon as you get over your cranial rectitus.

    • I have a feeling it is more about drugs, money and the sad fact that a lot of people do not value life … taking someone’s life doesn’t seem to be that big of a deal. So sad! Not being able to handle emotions and their anger … there is a dispute so why not just shoot and kill? My heart is breaking for this senseless violence! ?

  2. My goodness what a close minded comment and quite rude sir! This act of violence is clearly a war against our good friends the gays, Mexicans and Muslims in our country! If we just took away all the guns obviously everyone would be safe. To disagree is to support the Nazis, or worse, Trump himself. We need to let all the immigrants in NOW and give back their kids and then take away all the guns so we can finally live in peace as the great spirit and also the goddesses intended. We must end this sickening patriarchy and give power back to the blacks, women and Mexicans. Before more shootings occur in our town.

    • Your comment is idiotic one this had been going on in Ukiah way before Trump and people like you are the one dividing us. And it’s usually gang members shooting.

    • You are out of your mind if you think we would all be safe if everyone’s gun was confiscated! You must know them only criminals would have weapons! They can get anything they want!

    • Your so stupid if you knew your history hitler took away all the guns and look were that led the problem is the gang bangers and drug addicts no one else just them and any race can be involved in gangs and drugs. “Stupid is and stupid does”

  3. Ukiah is just blending in with the rest of the world. Nothing stays the same!! The devil is busy! Race has nothing to do with stupidity!

  4. You are completely out of touch with reality if you think this has anything to do with the president! You are also very confused in your labeling of Trump and his associates as Nazi’s. I believe you are calling for guns to be taken away from people. Hitler and his Nazis disarmed the citizens so he could better control them. President Trump and other conservative leaders would be the complete opposite since they are supporters of Americans right to bear arms.
    As far as Saying all immigrants should be allowed to come here, that Trump doesn’t care about immigrants. WTF are you talking about?? Not only are you wrong but you are loud and proud about it! His wife, you know the First Lady, she’s an immigrant. Difference is, she came in the front door. He is all for immigration done through the proper channels. God get your talking points from somewhere other than The View!

  5. I’m afraid you are sorely mistaken if you believe this is not the wicked Mr. Trump’s doing. This is a war between the racist bigoted white male Nazi patriarchy and the true enlightened people of the world who wish to destroy these oppressive structures and create a world of no bigots or trump supporters, where everyone is accepted. If we take away all guns we can feel safe again in our own ukiah streets. We have to let all Mexicans live here for free like the Indians because we stole their land. We have to make things right with the jews. If Hillary were president these horrible shootings would have never happened. We must ally together and stop trunp and his evil nazi army of racists. Soon it will be too late and the bigots will have won and shootings like this could happen every day in ukiah.

  6. They didn’t even say anything in this article about what race the shooter or The victims we’re so your stupid Trump ramblings are just pointless.has nothing to do with stupid ass trump

  7. This has everything to do with race. I guarantee it. If the bigots win, all the illegal immigrants will go back to Mexico and then who will work in the fields? Our crops will all rot on the branches. Our landscaping projects will remain unfinished. There will be no more Mexican food. Can’t you see that our country requires diversity to flourish? The only thing standing in the way of this peace are the vile fools, these racist and nazi scum bag misogynist gay and Mexican hating Trump supporters. You are truly allied with evil. Only the police should have guns, then horrible shootings like this would never happen. It breaks my heart to see this in my town.

    • Garenteed this is probably a shooting between two people of the same race. You have no idea what your talking about but your obviously very angry about something. Just a thought if this suspect had come to your house whit his gun would you have just told him to leave this is a gun free house? I know my guns will keep me safe from scum like this

    • Dude you’re a psycho, people like you need to be washed from this planet. You should probably wash that stupid mouth out with buckshot.

    • Omg! Do I live this close to this much stupid! I agree w the comment that your kind are a potential danger to this community! You simply have no education or an ounce of brain in your head! Get outa here stupid!

    • Sounds like you are the bigot with the way you are talking about the Mexicans and “gays”. That or you are just saying these things to get your jollies off by the reactions of all these people. Either way, you are very annoying!

  8. After reading your comments about allowing all the Mexicans to live here for free because we stole there land and your statements about “who will work the fields”, I have decided you are just here to lure people into a debate. That was some of the most racist remarks I have ever heard! Next you will tell me if we got rid of all of the gays, houses and clothing wouldn’t match or be decorated well. I don’t believe anyone could be as ignorant as you’re pretending to be. You couldn’t actually believe that there is any way to take guns away from everyone except the police! It’s not the legally owned and registered guns that are being used in these types of shootings. If they aren’t registered how do you know where to confiscate them? Your idea of world peace is impossible. The reason is religion. In all of history wars have been fought in the name of religion. In every one there are zealots and fanatics that pervert their teachings into grounds to kill people of other beliefs. You are spouting conflicting arguments. You are arguing for tolerance while at the same time being intolerant. You want people to get along? Teach them how to not be offended at every little thing! Teach them right from wrong and allow punishments to fit the crimes! So I’m sorry sir but you need to clean up your statements and come down on one side or the other about more than your hatred for President Trump. You preach tolerance for race, sexual orientation, and religion but are unwilling to listen to any other opinions. That’s the funny thing about liberals. By definition they should be open to other ideas. Even though I am conservative I consider other ideas and opinions before I make up my own mind about things. I have differing opinions than a lot of my peers.
    Before I close, you said if Hillary was president this would not have happened? What do you think about the fact that anyone who was ever to testify against her or Bill has wound up mysteriously dead? She’s the grim reaper as far as I can see! So LOL about “Mother Hillary” as a peacekeeper!!

  9. This absolutely has nothing to do with Trump, or political party. This is a local issue that started before Trump or Obama.
    Ukiah’s population has been growing faster than Ukiah can, or the resources it needs to government it. Couple that with past recessions and natural disasters your looking at a mess. To make things worse, gang activity has been on the rise since a number of resources that help combat gangs have been defunded. This isn’t the first time we have seen this here. So instead of bitching about POTUS or librals why don’t we talk about what needs to be done about our local situation.

  10. Ukiah is now a town, city for all unwanted from within the State of Calif. Yes people the big cities are giving free travel to the great outdoors of Mendocino County and have been for many years and shall continue to. For years the Mexicans were doing most of the work no one wanted to do and now they have established business and just about taken oveer Ukiah through this. The cause was growing Pot however since its been legal to grow a certain mount the problem is the use of Crank. Been there , has been their for well over 30 years and will continue to be their. Ideal cooking sites in many of them their hills. This is where Law enforcement should be active at. Many many gangs are now on the streets and this is a very major problem. Yes that good ol feeling of a small town has long ago passed Ukiah on. Good bye “Them good ol days”.

  11. My great grandfather came here in the mid 1880’s. My grandfather was born here in 1900. The reason we are having problems now is the fact that less people have guns. When everyone had them there were less problems. This is statistically proven time and time again. Take for instance Sweden, it’s a mandatory own and carry country and they have the lowest crime rate in the world.
    It’s not the guns. It’s the people. We don’t have a gun problem. We have a mental illness problem. Because people have been sheltered and babied all their lives and can’t handle it if they have their feelings hurt. They have a complete break down and have to go find a safe spot.
    What you need to realize is that half of the people in the world are here to harm you and fuck you off. That is the natural balance of good and evil or yin and yang. Which ever you want to apply. The world is not a la la land where everything is perfect
    I will die standing and fighting with a gun in my hand. Rather than kneeling on my knees begging for my life.

  12. How come the blind liberal is the only one complaining about the crime that is a direct result of liberal action?

  13. This is why society is such a disaster right now. Because our stupid president letting immigrants in our country and terrorize it. Watch out, they could be behind you ready to strike any second. And because of all this racism that Trump is allowing. Ill bet it was Mexican shoots Whitey or vice versa or whatever the fuck race they were. Now I cant cross the streets alone anymore without worrying about getting raped or shot now because of these fuckin immigrants. Trump is the main reason why there are more shooting now and all you Trump voters are stupid and fell for his conspiracy to ‘Make America Great Again’

    • Please look up the statistics for crimes involving guns. I think you’ll notice that Obama had quite a few mass shootings during his presidency. His “home” city of Chicago has some of the toughest gun control laws and it is the highest in gun violence. It’s not the guns it’s the inability to deal with problems rationally. It’s much easier to grab a gun than to have an argument and have to put in the effort of coming up with a good argument. It’s laziness and spoiled elitist behavior! You see, when they started giving little Johnny a trophy for showing up he learned he didn’t have to work for it. Why put forth the effort if everyone gets the same rewards? It was my generation that did this to the world. We thought we knew better than our parents about how to make responsible adults. We thought if we made their lives easier, if we were more a friend than a parent, if we skipped the discipline, they’d magically become perfect adults. It doesn’t work like that. In order for children to learn life skills they need to be taught life skills. They need to realize in life there is disappointment and sorrow. They need to learn about these things so they don’t grab a gun when they don’t get their way. You aren’t doing what’s best for your children if you don’t allow them to experience how unfair life can be. You aren’t doing them any favors by sheltering them from feelings of sadness, anger, and disappointment. If they were allowed to go through things like that there would be less suicides due to bullying! There would be less school shootings because of bullying. Your child may be perfect in your eyes but I’m sorry to tell you……they are still only human. Perfection is an illusion. Nobody is perfect. Humans by design are inherently flawed. It’s not the worst thing in the world for your children to feel pain. It teaches them compassion. It’s ok for them to feel sadness. It teaches them to appreciate happiness. It’s ok for them to feel lost. It teaches them to focus on a goal and work towards it. For every emotion they experience, they learn about life and themselves. I feel it’s too late at this point to ever get a handle on it. The world is so overpopulated with people who care about nothing but themselves. It’s not just an American problem, it’s global. It has been steadily rising for a while now. It didn’t start with Obama or Trump. During the Obama years we did see a sharp increase in racism. It is not the racism of the past it’s reverse racism. I don’t know anyone in my circle that treats people of other races poorly. I do know quite a few that are getting fed up with the double standards. We should be striving for equality not putting any one race ahead of another.
      I’ll step down off of my soap box.

  14. So, President Trump did the shooting and the Nazi’s came here to the future in a time machine to organize this shooting? We have to let the, as you say” Mexicans and Indians” live here for free. Ok, so you know that is a racist politically incorrect way of referring to people right? You have a house and a job where you can house all these people and pay for everything for them and have no need for anything for yourself. I think that is commendable. What strikes me funny, is you say all these people are racist and bigots, yet you are doing the same thing by calling names and saying racial slurs. It’s political bullying at its best. You are just as bad as those you are pointing too. However, I know you won’t agree with that because you can’t see beyond your nose and look at things as though everyone is entitled to an opinion, because you feel only yours matters. Shootings happen people choose to be bad. Doesn’t matter who, where ,why , color, political stance. If they are wanting to do bad they will.

    • Mexican and Indian are not racist or politically incorrect ways of referring to people. They are nationalities for your information and they’re wonderful people. How is it racist to give back stolen land? We totally owe them because of how bad we used to treat them. it’s our only way of making up for owning slaves. We have to give them free stuff and get rid of guns. I think it’s racist that you think Mexican is a racial slur. We need to welcome every Mexican and strike down all of the bigots who disagree.

  15. Maybe instead of building a wall we should be returning the land we stole from these poor people and learning to speak their language. We must protect the rights of the children and make sure they all come here and get free citizenship. It’s time to wave the Hillary flag and hope to Odin and the pagan gods that Trump and his evil followers can be defeated. We need someone strong like Obama or Hillary who will take away all the guns from the evil trump supporters and let every immigrant child come stay here and receive an education and government aid. We must rise up and support our allies, the gays and lesbians who fought so hard to get their extra bathrooms. We cannot stand for bigotry and racism in this country.

    • Straight crazy ? your nut case go back to the hole you crawled out of you are as mentally ill as they come i bet your living in some free be shack with your free food free phone and some stolen clothes sitting there pretending to be someone that your not acting all righteous in your ways, with your hand out demanding for more free shit!!

    • Why don’t you kick things off and give your land back to a Mexican or Indian. Maybe someone will follow your lead. Most likey you won’t. People like you only piss and moan, but don’t do anything positive, you just talk. So put your money where your mouth is.

  16. ? I find this all very heart shattering. As a mom, these kids were someone’s babies once. And for it to happen in Ukiah is so sad. The 18 year old who was shot Tuesday. The two last night. One died. The other may. And I feel for the 17 year old who shot him. I mourn for him and his family too. There has to be another way. The system is broken. Killing other people is not okay. I cry. This could be my son. And to our brave LE has to deal with this tragedy daily … I honor and thank you. ?

  17. I see that trump has opened a door to Racism, Hatred at its finest. Never has there been so many Mass Killings in the 1 1/2 yrs. Since he’s been in office. Death of a child no matter how it has happened is the worst of all deaths. The grieving never ends. There’s no Empathy for another human being. My blood goes back in these mountains for over 10,000 yrs. I know Racism well but no matter what color or where any person came from there’s Heartbroken Families thinking ” If Only I ” done this or said that. Hold and Love your Child tonight because you never know what tomorrow will bring. Prayers to all the Family involved.

  18. It saddens me that instead of working to fix the problems we have created, we look to blame someone else. We are so divided as a country that one side won’t listen to anything the other has to say. Even within the same party lines the beliefs are completely opposite each other. In this thread one anti trump person thinks that because Trump hasn’t opened the door for any and all immigrants to file in and take up residency, it causes such anger that these immigrants are shooting each other and we should condone it. It was there land that we stole, after all.
    Then there is another Trump hater that is under the assumption that President Trump has opened the door wide and is letting any and all persons who want to come here, do so.
    The thing about it is, nobody will take 5 minutes with an open mind and research any of their rhetoric they are spreading. They figure that since, Whoopi, Robert DeNiro, Sean Penn, Madonna, etc, etc, make a statement about something it is gospel! They are literally putting total faith in narcissists that speak just to try and remain relevant! They couldn’t actually relate to any real struggle going on because they are well insulated from the general public by security and financial divides. Why would you believe these people about how you should live when they wouldn’t know how to survive in the real world???
    All I’m saying is please read all you can from multiple sources and draw your own conclusions. If you are going to believe everything that you read on MSNBC or CNN that’s fine but read a little from Fox News and other conservative news outlets so you can make an informed decision. Listen to both sides of an argument and then make up your mind.
    If I could rid the world of one thing it would be intolerance! We are all too sensitive and easily offended. It is possible to disagree with someone and not hate everything they stand for. It’s just been a while since it was practiced.

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