City of Fort Bragg unanimously approves resolution calling for “sustained ceasefire in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict” 


4 thoughts on “City of Fort Bragg unanimously approves resolution calling for “sustained ceasefire in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict” 

  1. Fort Bragg doesn’t always throw in with terrorists, and they aren’t this time either. Why? Because the atrocities committed against innocent Israeli women, children and elderly- weren’t committed by terrorists. They were committed by militants of the official government of Gaza, nearly universally supported by the Palestinian people in the Gaza strip.

    So “Fort Bragg” in all its podunk glory would like to throw a lifeline to the embattled military of a government who officially endorsed and encouraged sexual violence against civilians. Filmed themselves. *Really* got creative with the atrocities.

    How’s that Fort Homeless rename coming along btw? XD

  2. The Fort Bragg City Council totally copped out, by surreptitiously putting this on the Consent Calendar, after promising it would be on the Agenda. By doing so, they excused themselves from voting on, or commenting on this issue. They did NOT represent their constituents or the people of the Fort Bragg community. Lindy Peters, at the Feb 12 meeting of the City Council promised, on the recoprd, that it would be a legitimate Agenda item. That was a lie. Shame on this City Council for their cowardly and deceptive behavior on this issue. If there were decent laws, Mr. Peters would going to jail.

  3. This reporter needs to get her facts straight. Mayor Bernie Norvell did NOT say “the reason the agenda item was on the consent calendar was because the council members anticipated unanimous approval without the need for significant discussion.”
    Citation, please.
    And what is a “significant discussion”? v. no discussion at all? FYI – all items that are on a “consent calendar” are automatically passed, with no discussion.
    And – it was Lindy Peters that did all the talking, not Norvell, for better or worse.
    Pls, Learn the rules of council meetings, and how to recognize a “bait and switch” when you see one – then re-apply for a Pulitzer.
    (PS -How the f*ck can you legitimize a vote with an “aniticipated unanimous agreement”?
    LOL !

  4. And it’s funny that the City of Fort Bragg took down the video of this meeting on Feb. 28 – and it hasn’t been back since…

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