O’Neill: Off the pasture and into the barn (column)


One thought on “O’Neill: Off the pasture and into the barn (column)

  1. Thanks for the memories! I remembered going back to my grandparent’s old barn and farm every year in North Dakota. One year my uncle and aunt, who had taken over the farm as my grandparents had moved to the city, I saw that my uncle was slowing down. The barn, when I went out to visit it, (I loved that barn and spent time in the hayloft with the usual batch of kittens) the cow shit hadn’t been cleared and to my shock and wonder, it was knee high! That is when I realized what hard work farming was and why my mother had said, “don’t marry a farmer”. But I wish I had. It’s in my blood. I miss Mendocino….forever. My friend who lived a farm over inherited her parents’ farm, and then bought out my family’s farm. She now runs 2,000 acres.

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