Decommissioning the Potter Valley Project: a turning point for Mendocino County


6 thoughts on “Decommissioning the Potter Valley Project: a turning point for Mendocino County

  1. Notice that no entity from Lake co. is included in the decision making. Scott dam & Lake pillsbury are in Lake co. Very suspicious!

    • Your Lake County Board of Supervisors did not act when they should have to sit at the table. They only now are acting by voting and writing a statement. Shame on them

  2. Ironically, I just read an article of the century long study and undoing of dams in the state of Maine. It is definitely worth reading as the dam removals feed the life of all. Indigenous people, locals, eagles, ospreys, etc., and brought together communities, volunteers, tribes, and free flowing rivers. In this case it was “take it down and they will come”. The fish are once again spawning and coming in from the Atlantic. The article is from a GOOD News site. We could all use some. My apologies, I can’t remember the name of the river.

  3. alternative energy replacing hydro everywhere,,but water absolutely yes rivers run.but farming needs water…underground water storage only answer…New Mexico figured it out 75 years ago

  4. Put it all back like it was. Water diversion for grapes? Houses that shouldn’t be there. Put it back like nature intended. PGE drained every drop they could. Taxpayers foot the bill..

    • Thanks for getting to the point ☝️ I and a lot of Vinyard / land Stewart’s
      couldn’t agree more

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