Mendocino County winter homeless shelters are open — with many restrictions


5 thoughts on “Mendocino County winter homeless shelters are open — with many restrictions

  1. I think the way Fort Bragg runs the Extreme Weather Shelter works well for the city, except the police department is tasked with running it. Having non-residents ‘shown the door’ so-to-speak works. We just do not have the services or money to pay for them here on the coast.

  2. I think that’s awful. I worked at the winter emergency shelter a few years ago. And I was appalled! The good citizens donated a lot of very useful things that were never seen by any homeless people! For example, 200 brand new blankets. Where did they go? Starbucks kindly donated food that was never given to me homeless. I could go on. I’m not exactly sure what happened to the grant money but if I was a betting woman I would bet that money was put “someplace” else.

    • Our police department is gracious enough to take on this “social service”, draining their own resources and manpower yet you are ready to condemn them for an action they may have to take in the future to protect other citizens?! A “poor” homeless person can be just as violent as anyone else. How incredibly unjust of you.

  3. I am one of these homeless locals who actually used this service. It was easy as just sign away your constitutional rights (yes they will search your bags when you are out looking for food) or its possible you freeze to death.

    ill take my chances on the streets, if they end up with another dead homeless popsicle they can dodge the media fallout just like last time. FBPD is the absolute worst police department i have EVER encountered. They can and will violate our rights, trust me ive seen it, ITS REAL.

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