Fort Bragg’s new crisis team gets thumbs-up from controversial homeless expert


5 thoughts on “Fort Bragg’s new crisis team gets thumbs-up from controversial homeless expert

  1. That gentleman in front of the Guest House was still sleeping there as of yesterday February 13, 2023!
    The statement that the visible homeless camps are gone here in Fort Bragg might keep those poor “WOKES” in whatever state of mind they have to fantasize in!!

  2. no offense to the main character in this article but I feel as though this is a complete farce! basically yall are candy coating the situation… cool some housing became available… honestly I wouldn’t want to live there knowing the police are there daily… LETS ADDRESS THE FENTANYL CRISIS….

  3. I’m ‘Homeless No More’ as of 4 months ago, thanks to Vets services. I’m from Bragg, and sorry I had to relocate in Ukiah, but when an opportunity arises… Miss that ocean.
    Transitioning from homelessness is harder than regular folks can imagine and needs serious support to not be a frustrating money pit and lose-lose situation.
    There is a fierce ‘ferrel pride’ at surviving ‘under bush’, developing tactics to thrive and the comradery found on the street.
    I wish all the best to my kindred ex-fellowship and hope the social and police services remember what I always told them: we really are all in this together.
    David Wolf

  4. We have a County Board of Supervisors that has no interest in curtailing vacation rentals and the Mendocino Coast has been under assault by these “carpet bagger” companies exploiting our housing at the cost of the working class. This leads to more homeless and worse, those working families and individuals who are forced to leave the area, leaving a dire shortage of available workers. How do we grow a vital economy without workers and worker income? Providing low income housing into a community with an excess of low income housing is not the solution. I’ve heard that as few as 30% of the residents at the new Danco project are local, the rest transitioning here because of getting on a list. Unfortunately these residents have little disposable income and it shows in the blight of our downtown.

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