Skunk Train’s motion to delay lawsuit with Fort Bragg prompts misunderstanding


4 thoughts on “Skunk Train’s motion to delay lawsuit with Fort Bragg prompts misunderstanding

  1. I don’t think Mendocino Railway will be successful in this legal action. Trying to tell governments ‘you don’t need no stinking permits’. Really? However I do not fault them for trying as the city and state permitting process is soooo onerous. I mean look what it takes for a grocery store to get built on a vacant lot.

  2. Given the railroad company’s attitude toward regulation and rules, in my opinion they wouldn’t be the best stewards of the Company Store building. I don’t mean necessarily mean they will add a crazy, modern style addition or remodel but their ‘we can’t be regulated’ is a red flag to me – in all areas they try to take over and change to their liking.

  3. The skunk trains Buying hundreds of acres of prime oceanfront California property for $1.2 million from the Koch brothers of New York, does not pass the smell test, and should be disallowed because it is obviously a tax fraudulent sale.
    The Koch brothers got a huge tax deduction for the purposefully devalued property and they get out from under the toxic waste cleanup. Upon completion of the potentially fraudulent sale the skunk train said they don’t have to do the toxic waste cleanup, because they are a “railroad“ This whole deal stinks like a skunk and smells like a tax fraud felony.
    Someone needs to contact The IRS and the FBI.

  4. Chris Hart and Robtert Pinoli are grifters. They have tried to use eminent domain on small landowners, they fraudulently claim to be a working freight railroad, when in fact they only run 4 miles from either way and connect nothing to nowhere, they have claimed for years to be working on reopening the tunnel (when in fact nothing is happening, and they do no track maintenance on the majority of the 40 miles.

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