Big trees, name-change foes, stir up Paul Bunyan Days in Fort Bragg


13 thoughts on “Big trees, name-change foes, stir up Paul Bunyan Days in Fort Bragg

  1. Allman didn’t do the intro for the Lumberjacks, one of the Lumberjacks did the intro. The water fights were only delayed, not called off, and I am a part of Kangaroo Kort, not Keystone Cops and I use a blank firing reproduction revolver, not a plastic gun. Fort Bragg Rotary stepped up and volunteered for paragraph signups and organization.

  2. Why was there no mention of the beautiful horses and wonderful horsemanship displayed by their contingent of Caballeros? They certainly deserve honorable mention for showmanship, and very good music also.

  3. A Big article for a big weekend. I had a good time. A point of clarification is I believe outsiders or should we say new-comers aren’t trying to re-write history as much as they are trying to hide history by trying to change the towns name. The city of Fort Bragg wasn’t named after Braxton Bragg but inherited it’s name after the Fort that was right here. We should remember why the Fort was here; mainly to control and move the indigenous people that were here. I am sure we can agree that was an ugly process and we do not celebrate that part of history but it is still history of this area and should not be hidden by changing the towns name. Now that fort was named after Braxton but we do not honor him. We have no Braxton Bragg Day celebration etc. Just like every town in California Fort Bragg has some history that is really not something to be proud of, but wr have alot of hostory thst is. So it is and should be Fort Bragg forever.

  4. This article proves that Frank is way past his prime, completely out of touch and has obviously pickled his brain with alcohol.

    Lay off the sauce Frank, you might be able to salvage your reputation. But, probably not.

  5. “Fort Bragg Forever” is the racist dog-whistle of local ignorant bigots.

    It’s nice they’re labeling themselves for all of us to see. We can now shop other places and make new friends. They think it’s a badge of honor, but it only really highlights how racist, fragile, ignorant and small minded they are.

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