Fort Bragg “Change our Name” nonprofit awards prizes for essays favoring name change, opponents gather signatures


7 thoughts on “Fort Bragg “Change our Name” nonprofit awards prizes for essays favoring name change, opponents gather signatures

  1. Great story. Names of public places are changed all the time, but usually when someone more heroic (and more recent) comes along. Naming the California town after Bragg in the first place was serendipitously silly, as are many of the American names given to a lot of places. But, you have to call it something!

  2. Yea, I have a reply. Why don’t all of you pricks just move if you don’t like the name of the town? Go to the bay and rename one of those George Floyd, Ca.

  3. Modern day history revisionists sure get off track sometimes with their politics. The name of our coastal town of Fort Bragg, CA has nothing to do with the George Floyd death or the riots that followed. There is no connection to that and the town’s name; none whatsoever. As a historical fact, in the summer of 1857, 1st Lt. Horatio G. Gibson, then serving at the Presidio of San Francisco, established a military post, approximately one and a half miles north of the Noyo River, and named it for his former commanding officer Captain Braxton Bragg, who was a national hero of the Mexican-American War. Another historical fact, the civil was came after that. The name did not come about as a result of Braxton Bragg serving as a Confederate General. Again, there is no connection. When you put aside politics and stick to the historical facts the basic understanding becomes clear. This is what students should be learning in school.

  4. I spoke to school superintendent and he assured me that the high school nor any school under him is associated with this contest, he advised no non profits are permitted acess to school property or students on campus. No flyers or advertisements were ever on School property.

  5. Fort Bragg California should remain Fort Bragg California. The outsiders that have come into the local area do not have a history in the area and have decided to disparage and denigrate the residents of Fort Bragg by calling the people ignorant and uneducated. Fort Bragg has a long and proud history of upstanding people and people of high character who developed a multicultural community of people from around the world. We should honor and respect these people and the work that they did to create a very special seaside town of Fort Bragg CA!

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