County may sue Creekside landlord; move-out begins via temporary bridge


2 thoughts on “County may sue Creekside landlord; move-out begins via temporary bridge

  1. The situation at creekside cabins is sad to watch families nowhere to go no money. These are people who had nothing to do with the sinkhole or the supposed feces and drainage of sewer they claim was going on. We didn’t have to do that we have a porta potty on site and rest rooms that have flushing toilets. Not a lot of people used they’re bathrooms. Except at night. A few disabled people did have to use there bathroom. The way that they have thrown these people out illegally onto the street with nothing they had to leave all there stuff behind cause they couldn’t get there vehicles in to pack there stuff. There is so much more to let people know about that they have done to these people to much to list. It’s wrong!! They sent helping them at all they just gave them #’s to call. The social services # they gave people to call has just rude people that talk to u telling u they can give u a gas voucher that’s it.

  2. It is now 5:35 and they have probably cut off access to the bridge at creekside cabins. Which is totally stupid they had only 1 guy pulling out trailers and he couldn’t get them all pulled out in time there’s to many of them. They don’t let you pull your own trailers out. We might have been able to make it if we could’ve used the bridge for the full 2 days so we could’ve taken loads out to storage and stuff or at least been able to load our trucks up with stuff but we weren’t allowed in to do that. They gave us 16 hrs. That’s it and it’s kinda hard for one guy to pull 30 trailers in 16hrs. So what happens when the person that they gave to help us is the reason not everyone got out. This is not right families are devestated with no where to go. People would’ve been better of to be in the park with no way to get there cars out. We had a pathway to the park it’s a walkway. But they the road crew made sure they took that out also. They were not even safe with the the trailers. The driver got mad when he couldn’t get the trailer out in such a small area that he put it in low and plowed into an RV moving it back like 6-8 ft. That’s not how u do things.

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