Creekside residents have two days to move: “They just want this place to go away”


9 thoughts on “Creekside residents have two days to move: “They just want this place to go away”

  1. I love that Mendocino county will spend $250k on a temporary bridge in order to make 27 households homeless but won’t spend a dime to help the landowner who is providing low cost housing and keeping these families together and off the streets.
    Maybe the sheriff and highway patrol will post up on the other side of the temporary bridge and write vehicle code tickets to slap on the old RVs as they cross. This should probably recoup at least some of the money they are wasting.
    The sinkhole happened during a declared emergency, where are the emergency funds the county is hoarding?
    Maybe some of the wineries can offer an RV slip on one of their their 160 acre parcels. Oh wait, that’s illegal too.
    Eat the rich!

  2. I agree it’s bull this county and there inept officials I’ll bet they don’t skimp on there raises before they retire to cover the mismanagement of the millions that theve shuffled around into there future employers coffers like carmel or is it Camille oh both right it’s a joke and it’s on every one of us. Not really finding it that funny

  3. The entrance to that trailer park is actually owned by Caltrans. Most of the property that all of the trailers sit on is owned by the state of California in a state park status. The only land that Teresa controls is the land around her cabin. She’s been illegally collecting rent for years on property that she didn’t know. Then Caltrans turn the Blind Eye to the access and what was happening on the state property. The issue is even deeper than anyone realizes.

  4. Seems the owner legitimately owns her place. Caltrans seems to be the owner of the failed culvert. Regardless of any other breaches, this would appear to be a campaign by Caltrans to avoid repairing that culvert, and look like heroes somehow.

  5. Whether or not Caltrans owns the culvert they do not look like heroes when they slap a bandaid on something, rip it off, then bill for a quarter million. I don’t think that the landowner was exactly rolling in profits trying to give people a place to live.

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