3 thoughts on “Mendocino County water restrictions in 2022: what you need to know

  1. Liberals tend to be reactionary and base major decision and government policy on emotion rather than well established facts. “Climate change” is just one example. Climates have always changed, season to season, decade to decade and generation to generation. There are 100 year floods and 100 year droughts all the time.

    • what is up is down is up,is a sign oh the end times, climate changes is not polecat is is real science. as i write this it is aug, 10,23,maui has burnt down ;the florida’s keys reefs are oxidizing from 101f= Oncean temp, the world is not as we wish, we must deal with it as it is… we must seek no matter which political party or none of the above fix..;as best we can, or die like sabretooth conservatives, or big mouth dinoliberals. don’t look up as the sky is falling now, in hawaii from dry grass and extreme me storms, not even volvanoes.

    • call me 408-591-7390 edh, but spent child hood in fb, and me do, look at news the worl is burnuning up, i wanted retireto fog and coast not smog

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