3 thoughts on “Fire prevention sales tax measure heads to November ballot

  1. Hi Lucy, Measure B is sunsetting 3/8 of a cent this year, with a 1/4 remaining for mental health permanently.
    The library sales tax initiative would add an additional 1/8 of a cent to library’s in addition to the 1/8 that is set to sunset in 2027. Leaving 2/8 of the sunsetting sales tax to go to the new Fire Tax that will be on the ballot with 90% going directly to the 22 local fire districts and 10% to be used for fire prevention.

    If both are approved our residents will not see an additional tax at the register, instead the tax they are currently paying would continue with 1/8 for libraries and 1/4 for fire.

    Hope that helps.

  2. Many people in this county are having financial difficulties & adding another sales taxes will create more hardship for county residents. Please explore other options for fires

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