Mendocino County BOS looks to regulate private extraction, sale of groundwater


5 thoughts on “Mendocino County BOS looks to regulate private extraction, sale of groundwater

  1. So now, when your neighbor’s well goes dry, you can’t help them out without heavy handed minimum wage goons from the county coming and ruining your life. 😀

    And our tax dollars will further be wasted regulating what the civil courts and State already do.

    Only the “big fish” can play, and so of course the availability goes down and the prices go up. Assuming you can even *get* a supply during fire season when these contractors are down in LA hauling for Calfire.

    But the “benevolence” of the bloodthirsty county regulators will of course make special exceptions when deemed necessary. Hilarious. XD

  2. So rather than determine the aquifer recharge rates they want to limit pumping due to impacts on neighbors and static water levels? Those parameters can be manipulated and they can drop from external factors. It sounds like the BOS lacks a background in groundwater resources and have been fed some shortsighted recommendations. I hope they hire an honest hydrologist that helps them redefine the parameters.

    • The BOS is clueless about what the entire Environmental Health department does. Did you hear Vince Hawkins at the BOS meeting last week, taking about how many people from his dept that have left the county?

  3. Step 1: Open up hiring for the 2 open Environmental Health land use inspector positions that inspect private wells.

    Step 2: Hire a 3rd position for the planned task, since the 2 open positions have been vacant for almost a whole year.

    Step 3: Fund the department, so that the people hired can afford to live in Mendocino County

    Rye N Flint (Former Health Inspector in Land Use that wasn’t supported by the BOS once)

  4. The danger of not regulating water usage is becoming more and more evident. We don’t have to look out of state to find communities that have lost their water. We need to have a hydrological base for rational decision making. It is time to stop denying that climate change is effecting us.

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