3 thoughts on “Probation hearing ordered for Gina Rae Bean after arrest by Fort Bragg Police

  1. As usual the County of Mendocino is discriminating against women. Why is Bean’s probation being violated when hard core criminals like Martin Briggs has had about 6-8 violations of state parole in the last six months. Briggs serves a sentence of a few days while Bean is being remanded to custody, parole violated and sent back to serve her entire sentence. Not Fair! Especially since BeAn hot convicted for an “accident” and Briggs crimes over the past five decades are planned. He loves being a criminal. Why is she being sent to jal in the first place. It was an accident. Hello…an accident.

  2. This is very upsetting tbat this woman is being persecuted over a residual amount oc meth in a pipe. Addiction is an illness. I thought it was decriminalized in California. She’s been through enough. She’s got a daughter, i believe i read somewhere. That she’s a great mother. Why dors she need to be put in jail, why can’t she wear an anklet. How does throwing her into a prison serve society? It doesn’t. Let her live and work in the community, continue to support and care for her child. I don’t see her as a criminal that needs to be jailed to protect our community. They are letting hardened , repeat criminals out of jail by the droves, yet putting this poor woman into prison. What a ridiculous, archaic thing to do. Serves no one well and wastes the taxpayers money. Idiotic! I would really like to know why this woman needs to be sent to prison?

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