One thought on “Covid-19 at the end of 2021: Miller Report for Dec. 28, ’21

  1. Why do the doctors reporting on Covid look so unhealthy; why should we take advice from them? Someone once said to me that it’s “immature to point out such things.” Really? Because the way I see it, following the advice of unhealthy doctors leads us to his same demise. UNHEALTHY… Feelings should never get in the way of facts.

    Vax, vax, vax went the allopathic trend. Ignore nutrition, ignore activity, ignore lifestyle choices as long as your vaxxed, taking meds, and following orders… you too can have allopathic health… yet they never speak about the 3rd leading cause of death in the industrialized nation is “medical malpractice.”

    Perhaps MendoVoice can find a doctor practicing Genomic Medicine. It’s about as scientific as science gets. I practically died to discover it.

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