Mendocino County sees second death in two days, hospitals facing unprecedented strain (updated 8/18)


11 thoughts on “Mendocino County sees second death in two days, hospitals facing unprecedented strain (updated 8/18)

  1. If you have no isolated, certified reference materials, you can’t develop a legitimate analysis test. And this is exactly what the FDA admits in its own documents, which state that since covid-19 viruses weren’t available for the development of the PCR test, they “simulated” it by using human cells and gene bank coronavirus fragments. From the FDA’s own document:

    Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV were available for CDC use at the time the test was developed and this study conducted, assays designed for detection of the 2019-nCoV RNA were tested with characterized stocks of in vitro transcribed full length RNA … spiked into a diluent consisting of a suspension of human A549 cells and viral transport medium (VTM) to mimic clinical specimen.

    Which test are you using to determine a “covid19 death”?

  2. Vaccinated can pass on covid with no warning because they don’t feel sick. An people are still dying with it. Both vaccinated an not.
    If you are allergic to most prescribed meds how do you know the shot won’t kill or disable you? Why aren’t the health professionals giving good info on making your immune system strong.
    I know people that have gotten covid twice. So what’s the answer.

  3. These are untested drugs.

    Proceed with caution doctors, clinics and hospital administrators — medical malpractice class action.


    Sad to see this bogus narrative about the pandemic of the unvaccinated. This article is very important for dispelling the data manipulation going on.

    Regulatory capture is a real thing that affects every aspect of government. It’s how corporations get their way in this modern world.

    If you think Pfizer and Moderna and the rest of the big pharmaceutical companies care about us I ask you this:

    Which is a better business model, curing disease or lifetime treatments?

    Courage is needed against this massive psychological campaign fear and terror for profit.

  5. I guess I do not care if I seem smart or dumb, relative to my survival. If I look at the past, I see that vaccinations have saved many lives (polio, smallpox, tuberculosis). I see that in the past these diseases killed many people; my own 2nd great grandmother died of tuberculosis at 28, and many people died of it back then. You did not have to be poor or underprivileged, just unlucky enough to get the disease. Since I can see that these diseases mostly no longer exist, I have to surmise that vaccination and proper medication and sanitary practices got rid of them. I can then extrapolate that the same is most likely true regarding Covid-19. I am not a genius, just an ordinary person using logic. I believe the key to survival in general is a mild attitude that accepts facts as they are without elaborating too exhaustively on conspiracies and the bad intent of others. If there is bad intent, so be it, I will still take my chances with logic.

  6. It’s these unvaccinated and anti-mask trump supporters that are ruining Mendocino county. That are getting our friends, family, coworkers and neighbors sick.

  7. Wow . just wow … Statistics say covid death rate is around 2% in the US. LESS in California. Geniuses who compare this to polio or smallpox VACCINES dont know that this isnt even a real vaccine in the true sense of vaccines. That is why you still catch it if you are vaxxed. If you are really worried about spike,write congress and tell them to CLOSE THE BORDER. SERIOUSLY

  8. Courtesy of Brittany Mayer speaker San Diego BOS wuhan flu mtg.

    “America is not a hospital,” she starts off by telling the board. “This is a constitutional republic that guarantees protection of individual liberty, freedom and due process.”
    “San Diego is not a hospital floor that we have collectively checked into, that we collectively have checked into that subjects all patients to equiably subscribed medical care without due process” she continues.
    “Our constitution does not secure for government power to impose forced equity in medical mandates. There are 3.338 million people in San Diego county, 3,811 people have died with Covid, of whom 96% had comorbidities, median age 77. That is a totally fatality rate of 0.1%!”

    “WE REMOVE CONSENT from treating us like patients in a hospital ward!” she concludes, raising her voice at the end of her speech. “We are done, the consent of the governed is removed. We will not comply. We do not consent. Nathan Fletcher you are on notice. We will constitutionally remove all petty tyrants beginning now.”

    Waking up Mendocino.

  9. Again we were asked to mask and told that “vaccination, masking, social distancing remain the best options for combating the Covid 19 virus”

    After almost two years into the pandemic, it should be clear that the current strategies are only prolonging the inevitable (and possibly selecting for more infectious variants).
    Either the majority of the population will get vaccinated or will get sick .

    Imposing restrictions again will only create more resentment among those that have done their civic duty (got vaccinated) towards those that are still unvaccinated.

    The restrictions will only protect the bottom line of the hospital-industrial complex that does not want to expand capacity —it is not profitable to treat Covid patients.

    Let the people make their own risk assessment. If the unvaccinated want to take the risk of getting sick and not having treatments available —that needs to be their choice in a free society.

    Let’s learn to live with the virus —rather than trying to “combat” it. That change in the paradigm will open up better strategies and a clearer vision about how to deal with the next wave or the next pandemic.

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