5 thoughts on “Forward progress stopped on Timber Fire — blaze kept away from structures, quickly contained (UPDATED: 10:30 a.m.)

  1. Why did the Mendocino County Emergency Alert System wake us at 4:50am with a fire warning for a small event happening 30 miles away? I appreciate having an emergency alert system but using it for an incident like this creates doubt when there’s a real emergency for ALL people notified. I hope this point does not disappear without some public discussion by the County.

  2. I received one at 4:30 also a big loud bleeping phone siren and I live way over in Anderson Valley I did know somebody that lived in Brook trails and I notified them though so I guess it’s helpful. Better too much warning than not enough. And way to go on handling that fire. Now that’s how it’s supposed to be done right?

    • Yup! Notify folks so that if you know someone in an affected area you can aid in notification and try and keep people safe. I don’t mind a 0400 wake up if it saves a life…thanks to everyone on scene!

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