10 thoughts on “Mendocino County reports 95 COVID cases Thursday, breaking record set in winter surge

  1. Zerohedge

    The head of the World Health Organization’s origin investigation into COVID-19 has admitted that China basically ordered his team on what to write in their report and allowed them to mention the lab leak theory, but only on the condition that they didn’t recommend following it up.

    It’s a scam folks.

    Dont be intimidated. Ask Why your doctor wants to shoot you up with an unvetted, emergency use only drug.

    Follow the $$

    • Why do you care what people decide to put in their bodies so much?

      Why do you think an editorial opinion blog from Bulgaria written in English by writers who use a pseudonym from the movie fight club is a credible news source?

      Or you could keep me entertained by enlightening me as to where the $$ leads. I do love your nonsensical drivel 🙂

    • I care because I want to learn how to believe everything I read on the internet like you…can you teach me?

  2. Questionto Mendocino Docs — what test are you using to diagnose Wuhan flu???? If its PCR, then why are you scamming Mendo citizens?

    WHO admits PCR tests are

    “Useless Diagnostic Tools”
    The problem has been the CDC and others’ recommendation that the cycle thresholds for PCR tests be as high as 40 cycles – a point at which even Anthony Fauci has asserted the tests cannot be trusted to yield accurate results. Fauci admitted as far back as July 2020 that test cycles higher than 35 were likely picking up viral or dead debris, rendering them useless as diagnostic tools for COVID-19 – the symptomatic expression of the virus SARS CoV-2. Cycles higher than 25 are widely considered to be useless in determining illness with any accuracy. Even the late Kary Mullis, the Nobel prize-winning inventor of the PCR tests, acknowledged: “it doesn’t tell you that you are sick.” But laboratories all over America ignored these cautions – with the CDC’s imprimatur.

  3. Pregnant and considering a biological weapon injection??

    “Pregnant women are taking what may be a huge risk with the COVID vaccine,” said Jennifer Margulis, Ph.D., author of “Your Baby, Your Way.”

    Margulis told The Defender in an email:

    “We have no long-term studies showing it’s safe. We made this mistake with diethylstilbestrol— a synthetic estrogen thought to be safe during pregnancy that was later found to cause aggressive (and sometimes lethal) cancer in the genitals of young teenagers whose moms had been prescribed it.”

    • Your ad hominem is cute…as I clearly know how to read. Unfortunately it seems you never learned how to adequately vet internet sources. The defender and zerohedge are not reputable and are opinion sites. Feel free to believe what ever bull someone blows your direction but I will always call you an idiot for not understanding what you are actually reading. This is fun God bless!!

    • Thanks for admitting it now get out of people’s lives and let them get a shot or not! They don’t need your help or mine!

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