2 thoughts on “Matt Kendall wants to pay ‘old friend’ $50k to stop ‘takeover of the sheriff’s IT department’

  1. Why does the Sheriff’s Department need its own IT for confidentiality? Currently IT oversees the confidentiality of patient records of Public Health and Behavioral Health, held to extremely strict federal and state laws. They also hold confidential other records such as the DA and Department of Social Services. These are all no less confidential than the Sheriff’s. IT is trained in confidentiality and sign oaths of confidentiality.

  2. The idea of health and law enforcement records being thrown together in the county’s IT system gives me a migraine. We only have to read recent news to see how often mistakes happen and human errors are exposed. Using a well known and established lawyer seems to be the most efficient and effective decision. Why is the county is pressing for a less effective choice.

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