Sheriff Kendall lawyers up


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  1. Have you covered in the past how normal, or abnormal, it is for a county sheriff’s department to have a separated IT system? Is his balking at the County wanting a combined IT system really that unreasonable? (Sorry, I really haven’t followed this story very closely.)

  2. Porter Scott is an excellent firm. So is Angelo, Kilday, and Kilduff, both in Sacramento. The Federal judges respect them and they are ethical.

  3. Wouldnt Duncan James having been District Attorney AND County Counsel during 1969-1976, the years that Timothy Stoen and Duncan James allowed Jim Jones Peoples Temple to gain custody of so many children who ultimately died in Jonestown already preclude him from representing the County Sheriff. So many unanswered questions and all that missing money that went into accounts his assistant DA Stoen had set up around the world for Peoples Temple …. COVER UP!

  4. Captain Kendall, Barney, Heaney, Caudillo,Verdot, Donahue+covered up the assaults on eight people including two pregnant women and then framed Michael Marlin with murder by Kendall going into the evidence room and tampering with seized Coroner’s property,a bloody black T-shirt camouflage pants, so that MARLIN could not test them and prove his innocence. These other officers were involved in tampering with the audio recording and erasing witness statements, falsifying reports exedra. Mendocino county sheriff-coroner Case# Coro 7 – 390. FBI attorney general please investigate!

    A Sheriff complaint was filed with Captain Van Patten on 3 – 2 – 21. According to records Sergeant Jennifer Reyes, no complaint has been filed! FBI, attorney-general please investigate

  5. FBI , Attorney General.

    Please investigate Kendall for tampering with evidence in Coroner’s case Coro7-390 (Framing Marlin with murder)

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