2 thoughts on “Mendocino County COVID-19 death count rises to 51 as Point Arena, Fort Bragg recommend masking regardless of vaccination status

  1. Courtesy of Natural News:
    1) PCR instruments have never been calibrated against physical covid reference materials
    2) PCR instruments are incapable of quantitative analysis and cannot measure viral load
    3) The CDC faked covid test approval using common cold virus samples mixed with human cells
    4) The “vaccines” are rapidly failing, and vaccinated people can be super-spreaders

  2. So if there are no known outbreaks and only community spread, then what is it that you are so scared of? Why are we letting these liberal twats turn this into a dictatorship. Our PHO is a complete waste of money and can’t even deliver a normal speech like he’s all stoned out..He does look like shaggy…

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