The COVID surge hits Mendo with new daily cases at all time high — public health officer urges compliance — even worse spread likely in wake of holiday travels (with graphs)


6 thoughts on “The COVID surge hits Mendo with new daily cases at all time high — public health officer urges compliance — even worse spread likely in wake of holiday travels (with graphs)

  1. It would be interesting to graph the number of people tested vs the number of positive cases reported. My guess is right before Thanksgiving, many people got tested and therefore more positive cases were seen. I wonder if the percentage has increased, or just more people are testing? Does the County have that data? If so, it would be important to report.

    • This is a good question. I would also like to know how many tests are performed by region. I suspect the paltry numbers for the coast are a result of few tests here.

  2. Annual flu season is here, but since testing asymptomatic people produces inflated stats of “cases” CONVID hysteria is being pumped up right on schedule. The question is how many people are hospitalized, how many are dying, and how do those numbers compare to past records of influenza and pneumonia (which normally causes more deaths than flu, particularly among the elderly) for this time of year? But let’s call everything COVID-19 to justify trampling on our rights and spending more resources on healthy people than on effective treatment for the sick and elderly.

  3. The flu can kill, but Covid is SARs. Sudden Acute Respiratory Syndrome. It’s a difference with Covid, of being acute and more contagious and SARs is much more lethal, than the flu. Healthy young people are dying also. The hospitals only can care for a certain amount of people, effectively. Empathy and considering hospital staff is needed. Obviously, this above observation, is by someone, not in a hospital working position. It’s also not hysteria, it’s information for self preservation. Be aware, learn from science, stay alive and well, or do not? But giving Covid to another can change, that self choice, to a consequence, of another’s health. It still amazes how precious life is and how beautiful the earth is. And how lucky we are, to have the knowledge of how to stop the spread. Just because someone is over 50, does not mean they are exspendable. That is the worst part of some comments, of this epidemic, is how age discrimination, is considered by some, not to be a discrimination. In my opinion, it is horrific discrimination, of the worst kind.

    • I’m 76 years old. So much for age discrimination, unless you are going to accuse me of callousness towards people 20 years my senior. I, in turn, accuse YOU and all the others kowtowing to the unconstitutional and unscientific mandates of would-be dictators of discriminating against my grandchildren’s generation whose dreams for the future have been dashed and who are now being threatened with a dangerous DNA altering vaccine if they ever want to go to school, get a job or travel again. (Tragically, the young people who have committed suicide in despair due to all the scaremongering won’t have to worry about any of that.)

      Please do some in-depth research before parroting the MSM fake news about how the so-called novel coronavirus is more contagious than seasonal influenza and more dangerous than pneumonia. Asymptomatic people testing positive do not comprise “cases” of COVID-1984. “Cases” are up (which happens when they test people using a process that can’t distinguish this virus from all the other coronavirus leftovers in our bodies), but deaths are down.

      You are free to relinquish your God-given rights to breathe without a muzzle and freely associate with family and friends. I refuse. I don’t wear the face nappy and never will consent to it, and neither you, nor Gov. Nuisance, nor that fraud Fauci, nor that Ethiopian terrorist heading up the WHO has a right to demand that I do. Now, take a deep breath if you are able, and have a nice day.

    • That was amazing Angel and everything you said is reality. Our essential workers are stressed, strained and getting infected. Just because we finally have testing, too late for tracing in most cases, it doesn’t mean if we don’t test the dang virus doesn’t exist. What it shows is the amount of asymptomatic people are walking around who can infect others. I call them the walking dead, because the virus not only kills but leaves lasting serious health damage. Blood clots, lung damage, heart damage, for life. Playing it down because you don’t want to be inconvenienced is selfish. Love thy neighbor!

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