“Business Innovation and Resiliency Fund” will support Mendocino County small businesses hurt by the pandemic


3 thoughts on ““Business Innovation and Resiliency Fund” will support Mendocino County small businesses hurt by the pandemic

  1. Before any other microbusiness owners get their hopes up, you have to have applied for CARES act funding, and you have to demonstrate a “pressing need to re-tool and evolve…within the next 2 to 6 months.” It’s also not clear to me if you have to have employees or not (although for many provisions in CARES you did). So, I’m assuming that this grant is not available for a business like the one I operate with my husband, that is loosing significant income, but that didn’t qualify for CARES and doesn’t have any employees.

    • It’s all a scam. Little businesses owned by middle-class Americans are SOL. Most businesses that met the stated qualifications for CARES were denied – the billions to banksters and other corporate creeps flowed quickly and easily, however.

      Government is waging war on the the American people right now under the shoddy pretext of “protecting” us from a virus that is a NOVEL cold or flu (yes, it kills some people, as novel – new – viruses usually do).

      We’ll all on our own. Government is NOT looking out for us, far from it. They are the Problem. Killing peoples’ livelihoods, assaulting peoples’ mental & spiritual well-being, leading tens of thousands, or more, to death from despair. The economic catastrophe hasn’t arrived for most, and definitely not in full effect for anyone yet. Some of the government “officials” are really this stupid, but others are not stupid – this is what they want.

  2. Thank you. I own Elope Mendocino, and I just started getting a few inquiries for elopements in the last 10 days. It’s been absolutely FLAT – dead, since March 19th, when my last scheduled elopement for that month was cancelled.
    I would welcome financial help even though things are starting to pick up, ever so slightly. I’m among the lucky in the Wedding Industry here on the coast as I specialize in weddings for groups of 6 and under. (I do break my own rules and do larger groups – sometimes up to 20 or so, but rarely). Currently, as you know we are allowed to gather, safely 12 individuals or less, including the officiant and photographer.
    Thanks to all your generous participants.
    It’s wonderful to know that there are so many kind and caring souls that really do care about small business on the amazing Mendocino North Coast.

    Vanna Freeberg
    Elope Mendocino

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