Huffman denounces Trump’s statement that he will “override” governors to open churches


7 thoughts on “Huffman denounces Trump’s statement that he will “override” governors to open churches

  1. Wow what an extremely bold stance to take! Defying the President and the Constitution at the same time! How about take a stand against leaving Americans citizens homeless on our streets while seeking illegal voter Block! Take the red pill, Huffman!

  2. I disagree with Jared Huffman on probably just ABOUT EVERYTHING that Huffman stands for and is–he does not seem to look into anything to get facts or THE TRUTH. I don’t think Huffman would know THE TRUTH if it came up and hit him in the head!!! Huffman and EVERYBODY like him stands for NOTHING but evilness and POWER, and wanting to be The Big Shot!!!

    The people of California need to stick up for and stand up for what is right ALL OF THE TIME. For anybody that thinks President Trump does not have the authority in a State of Emergency, THINK AGAIN!!! Also, the Constitution supersedes ANY LAW OR GUIDELINES, ETC.

    I cannot believe that the Seventh-Day Adventist Church is soooo quiet right now. Is
    this defending God and the Bible??? Stand up and be counted!!! Go after the EVIL Lawmakers, and “they are EVIL” If you cannot see that, get your BIBLE out and read, read, read!!!

    Do research on the present governor and the past governor. That in itself should be enough for ALL Houses of Worship in California to be up in arms!!!

  3. Huffman’s name and admitted religious ideology tells us all we need to know as to why he wants Christian churches to be kept closed.

    It doesn’t matter what perverts in black dresses “rule.” The First Amendment means what it says and says what it means. So does the Second Amendment.

    I don’t “believe in” humanity, so I am not a “humanist” like Huffman. I know that humans are inherently corrupt, unless they are redeemed by the One sent to do so. This is also why I do not trust corrupt, mostly “humanist” government “authorities” who have a worldview much more like that of the Soviet Union, than what we know to be the American Way. They are not to be trusted, and distrust should rise with their attempt to unilaterally control other people for their own purposes. Every dictator tells the subjects that what is being done is for the “public good.”

    The virus that is most threatening America and the world right now is not SARS-CoV-2, but the virus of tyranny.

  4. Politicians love to invoke the 10th Amendment when it suits their agenda. Where was the outrage when Obama sent FDA, USDA and CDC agents to take part in a SWAT raid on Rawsome Foods, a private food cooperative in Venice, California? That was okay with our so-called “representatives,” but a presidential mandate to restore the exercise of our God given right of peaceful assembly is not? Oh, I forgot. We have no “God given” rights, only what our humanist overlords will grant us.

    The official statement issued by Huffman and Raskin reveals just how disdainful they are of the beliefs and rights of anyone who does not share their belief system, whether religious or political. They just couldn’t resist throwing a few smarmy jibes into their puerile rant—“… the idiocy [sic] of the Trump administration…” (but no such invective for Joe Biden) or “People certainly have a right to believe in religious miracles and to engage in magical thinking….” This is supposed to be an intelligent declaration by elected officials pledged to act impartially in behalf of sovereign citizens!? Can the majority of the electorate not understand how we are being jerked around by these self-serving rogues?

    • Marilynn, the more I research what’s going on, the more I’m convinced we’re dealing with literal devils. Not all of those signed aboard the COVID-19 hysteria, but the main drivers, “leaders” if we can call them that. The chasm between worldviews is not based on honest disagreements, but based on dissimulation and deceit on their part. Confusion is of the Devil, and those driving this hysteria and seemingly-irrational Flatten the Economy know they have the upper hand with control of the main channels of information. So much fear, uncertainty, and doubt is spread far and wide that heightens the terror most suffer from that they can’t think straight.

      The majority, as always, follow the “thought leadership” of those who control information streams via the Overton Window – a spectrum of “permissible” “thought.” Rabid censorship is occurring on “social media” under the ruse of “misinformation,” even when the information presented is from degreed professionals, and can be demonstrated to be factual. Those who yearn for truth and embrace verifiable facts and philosophical consistency are always in the minority. As the Russian proverb goes, “one man with the truth outweighs the whole world.”

      Bald hypocrisy is easy for those who find lying to not be a moral fault. Cognitive dissonance – doublethink – is easy for those who cannot or will not think.

      This is, truly, a spiritual battle, with idealists on one side, and materialists on the other. The materialists unsurprisingly discount and denounce spirituality, since it does not fit within their own faith, e.g., belief in what they call “science.”

      Ultimately, the agenda is to cause misery and even death, not prevent it, through the controlled demolition of our economy, and the fanatic control freak show of House Arrests and laughable “social distancing” measures with no actual science behind it. It seems insane, but only to those sane and sincere. Flatten the Economy is not irrational, since the purpose is something far worse than most can grasp: when people are out of work, out of food, no housing, no opportunities, they are much, much more compliant with demands from those who have the reins on the food supply and can grant or deny access to the technocracy most are dependent upon.

      “That no man may buy or sell save he that had the Mark…” It’s coming, soon. It will be called an “immunity passport.” Refuse it, and you don’t work, don’t shop, don’t travel, don’t buy or sell.

  5. JC, well, at the very least they certainly sold their souls to the devil. I’m not sure if the “immunity passport” embedded in the vaccine will carry the mark of the beast. It has to be voluntary acceptance and if they forcefully vaccinate people—and the talking heads admitted that they might have to strap people down to inject them—and if it is given to innocent children, then those people can’t be held accountable. The ID vaccine might be a first step in convincing the populace that this is a desirable way to manage society. They might have to wait until the older generation, who didn’t grow up joined at the hip to their digital devices, have died out, pesky lot that we are. (I don’t know how old you are, but I turn 76 this week and therefore am a thorn in the side of the globalists.) We can only hold fast to our faith and pray not only for our family and friends, but also for those who persecute us… as difficult as that may be to do with sincerity. I must confess I have yet to end a prayer with “… and God bless Bill Gates,” LOL!

  6. Marilynn:

    Definitely on selling their souls to the Dark One.

    The “immunity passport” I have in mind, at least the final, permanent version to replace any initial paper/electronic one, appears to be an “invisible” so-called “quantum dot” tattoo, which does double-duty as a “vaccination” since it uses sugar-based “microneedles” to penetrate the skin. I don’t think anyone will be under any illusion of what this “passport” will be, a universal identifier required to work, travel, and “buy or sell.” Children before the point of accountability will surely be not held guilty by the Almighty. But nearly everyone in our society, even the most committed anti-Christian, is aware of the “legend” of the Mark of the Beast required to “buy or sell.” Not refusing the “immunity passport” contravenes God’s warning via St. John. As to how “voluntary” it will be, I don’t think that physical force will be used, at least not until very late stages. The coercion will be to tie acceptance to access to “the System,” including employment, benefits, banking, and, of course, “buying and selling” anything. “You don’t have to take it, but…” Yeah, some “choice.”

    I salute you for your fighting spirit and wisdom! I’m a Generation X-er, and have been seeking the truth all my life. And boy, have I seen plenty, personally, academically, and professionally, to show me how things really work in this world, quite different from the approved illusion generated by the media. I do look to the vast resources of knowledge & wisdom among your generation, and admire many elders who haven’t given up in the face of exponentially expanding tyranny and anti-freedom. You remember how things were and should still be.

    I do keep praying for God’s Will to be done, and to have mercy for humanity going along with evil. If I had any thought that Bill Gates had not irreversibly committed himself to Satan, I’d be praying for him myself.

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