Total cases of COVID in Round Valley rises to 6


3 thoughts on “Total cases of COVID in Round Valley rises to 6

  1. The stay at home order is VERY IMPORTANT. Take this time to be healthy and do not be so impatient. The better we follow this order the sooner we can get back to a normal lifestyle.

  2. Actually, it’s NOT.

    “Impatient.” Ask your landlord not to be “impatient” when they expect rent. Ask PG&E not to be “impatient” when they expect payment. Tell your kids not to be “impatient” when you’re out of food.

    The social and financial elite do not know how “lesser” people live, and do not care. It is incredibly easy to demand “lesser” people “comply” with “orders” when one has plenty of money, plenty of food, and plenty of options for everything.

    The House Arrests will continue indefinitely, since their alleged purpose continues to be a moving target. At least until universal, East German-style tracking and Gates’ “vaccine” are deployed.

    • Sounds like you arent a very successful person. “Lesser” people are largely “lesser” by choice or ignorant default. They can fall in line or be locked in jail or executed in the streets. Lead, follow, or get slammed to the concrete.

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