10 thoughts on “Mendocino Co. will require facial coverings in public by order of public health officer; some SIP strictures loosened

  1. When will county health officer return to Mendocino county to SIP w us? Don’t you need to at least be HERE to really understand how/if COVID 19 is affecting this county? Pay raise and sheltering hundreds of miles away is unacceptable!

    • I believe Doohan is back in Ukiah, since she personally signed the new “orders.”

  2. We are being conned by a psy op of unprecedented scope and intensity. Real virus, but very different actual motivations for the House Arrest “orders” and Flattening of the Economy. Anyone in their right mind knew the “authorities” weren’t actually interested in mitigating the spread of the virus when the Newsom Administration released 3,500 felons UNTESTED into communities across the State.

    So, several weeks back, the US Surgeon General and his collaborators told us “masks are not effective” for we little folks. Then, more recently, we’re told “facial coverings” are “recommended,” including by that very same Surgeon General folding up an ordinary T-Shirt into a “facial covering.”

    Of course, now, we here in Mendocino County are getting our own “facial covering” “order.”

    I do have to praise Doohan for not making this “order” as idiotically draconian as the ones in the Bay Area. I was on board with masks from January, advocating against the insane, anti-science advice of the “experts” like said Surgeon General, so I have zero problem wearing a mask (“facial covering”)…and have been doing so for weeks.

    However, consider this: if masks are “useful” in preventing the spread of the disease, why the delay in implementation to May 1st? If said “facial coverings” are scientifically sound, the “order” should have been implemented already, at least back on Monday when the Press Democrat reported this “order” was being considered. No, not only does the “order” not come out until today, but is delayed until May 1st? Is the virus going to wait for us to get up to speed?

    Is this science? No, it is not. It’s BELIEF. By “experts.” By “experts” who have taken upon themselves the Ultra Vires power to “ORDER” us to do whatever they BELIEVE is best.

    Nearly all of the “expert opinion” about this virus has turned out to be non-scientific. Nothing more than “faith-based medicine.” Flatten the Economy has caused more suffering than COVID misery, and, if Flatten the Economy does not end very soon, famine in America – yes, in America – is a certainty by the end of the year. One cannot simply instantly restart all the closed food production plants and have food in the grocery stores within a week. It will take months. Combined with the strain on transportation (rail and road/trucks), and the crop losses both last year and now happening again right now, we have the proverbial perfect storm of literal food shortages and consequent famine for millions of Americans being a probability.

    Lastly, for anyone who wants to shriek at me about “undermining smart policies,” I respond with one word: TUSKEGEE. The very same United States Public Health Service that conducted the immoral human experimentation then is the very same United States Public Health Service now, telling us to “trust” them. It would be insane to blindly obey.

    • I agree wholeheartedly more people need to speak out. Our economy is being destroyed and our freedoms are being trampled on.

  3. Many of us have raised the same questions, but neither Dr. Doohan nor local officials have responded to our concerns.

    • I’ve probably been unfair, at least to a degree, towards Doohan in my past criticisms.

      This is all very likely coming from well-above her, above the State, even above the Federal regime (yes, there is supergovernment that coordinates things internationally, and I don’t mean the UN). She’s simply “doing what she has to do,” and may actually be dragging her feet a bit to protect us (e.g., the Bay Area “facial coverings” “orders” are more draconian, even ridiculous). All the information from “the authorities” is exceptionally tightly controlled (except, seemingly, for the Idiot-in-Chief who is allowed to spew stupidity for some reason). “Just following orders” is not an excuse, but it does mitigate culpability.

      I’m losing patience with people who cannot accept the proverbial writing on the wall, that none of this is really “as it seems.” The moving goal posts, the duplicity, the disingenuity, the hypocrisy, the self-evidently contradictory “recommendations,” it’s all obvious – or should be – to anyone whose IQ is above room temperature. I guess people have truly been “programmed” by TV and the public skools to simply swallow what they’re told.

      Don’t expect anyone locally or especially higher to LISTEN to anything we say, beg, or demand. It’s just not what government “authorities” do – they have many more guns than we do individually, and they just do as governments do.

  4. “This Order is based on scientific evidence and best practices as currently known from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the State of California, and the Mendocino County Health Officer.” The CDC does not base its actions on scientific evidence. Instead they put out a directive to physicians and hospitals that anyone dying with possible COVID-19 infection be officially listed as dying OF the disease. This goes against all legitimate medical science, but then so much of what the CDC spews does. Research into their history will reveal their connection to Big Pharma, whom they serve well.

  5. Like I said in an earlier post, the USPHS is the same agency now as during the Tuskegee experiments. The CDC is largely staffed with “commissioned officers” of the US Public Health Service. The CDC roots back to 1946, and during its existence has overseen not only the Tuskegee experiments, but dozens of other human experimentation projects, including using germs on the American population. This is not so-called “conspiracy theory,” buy well-documented fact.

    I’m willing to listen to scientifically-sound recommendations. And no, just because I don’t have an alphabet of letters behind my name does it mean I’m “too stupid” to be able to discern facts from lies – you know, the idiot meme of “only a doctor can tell you if [a Police State] is right for you!”

  6. If Doohan is back in our county is she quarantined to her house for two weeks since she left our county and went to a state hot spot? I think not as she and other officials are above their own orders. If I had went on vacation during our house arrest I am sure I would have been chastised for it. Rules for one and different for others is a disgrace to our county and community. I will be happy to go to lake county where they are not required but asked or recommend to wear. It is much different when you ask someone to do something or wen you tell someone you will or be fined and or jailed.

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