4 thoughts on “Coronavirus comes to Round Valley, five family members infected with COVID-19

  1. Just read the article about the new cases in Round Valley. I’m sorry but I think there should be repercussions towards the man that traveled to the Bay area, not once but 3 different times. Obviously he broke the shelter in ordinance numerous times. This county worked hard to keep our numbers down only to have idiots like this guy mess everything up right as things were starting to look promising for Mendocino county. Ridiculous.

    • Would you feel differently if he had driven to San Diego?

      Why is it surprising that people ignore the “orders” when those issuing said “orders” do the opposite?

    • Covelo. The scab of the county. Blast the canyons, seal the roads, and no one in or out—even AFTER covid. Scum seems to seep out of that corner of the county. Be rid of it…

    • Hi, we don’t allow comments directly attacking individuals, or entire towns of people. Here’s your chance to change it or I will remove this shortly.

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