11 thoughts on “The latest on Mendocino Co. school closures — all Mendocino schools switching to “modified schooling”(updated 8:15pm)

  1. My 15 year old son attends Fort Bragg High School and has not received any surveys regarding his ability to access the internet. He also reports that desks are right next to each other and less than three feet apart from each other in his classrooms. My younger child who attends Three Rivers Charter School in Fort Bragg has reported that he has been made to disinfect other students desks without the use of PPE. I have seen myself in the classrooms at TRCS that the desks are right next to each other with less than even 2 feet in between. This is not social distancing, at the very least the desks should be spread out and custodial or teaching staff should be wiping down surfaces using proper PPE protocols.

    • Please tell your son to refuse to cooperate with that insanity. Goggles, mask, and gloves at minimum to do such work! And that’s for trained adults!!

      You may wish to pull your kids out altogether, since the incompetence of the “authorities” we see in Washington is being mirrored here. I truly have to question the competence of any “professionals” who claim that “no cases = no community spread,” since only a tiny number are actually being tested. Most carriers are asymptomatic – they feel perfectly fine – at first, while spreading it! Oh, and SARS-CoV-2 is proven to be airborne, at least for three hours!

  2. Doohan’s duplicitous “social distancing is our greatest weapon” while simultaneously insisting schools should not be shut down is exactly why so many Americans will no longer listen to these “experts.” Schools, especially primary, are among the worst arenas for microbial spread in any community.

    • She never insisted schools shouldn’t be shut down. She was just leaving it up to the discretion of the districts until this afternoon.

    • Effectively, none, at least in this county. Certainly not enough to recklessly claim there is no community spread. MCPH has a handful of tests…test at least several thousand, then tell me there is no community spread.

  3. It would be wise to respect the challenges faced by professionals before casting too much judgement. All local government agencies are looking to health departments for guidance, and trying to balance the best understanding of current reality against unbridled hysteria.

    • It would be wise for actual leaders and so-called “leaders” to start telling the truth, the whole truth, each & every time, from Trump down to local officials. I know it’s hard for most of them, considering the obvious contempt they have for we little folk, “ignorant” unwashed masses we are.

      At every stage of this pandemic, long before the World Hypocrite Organization finally, weeks after due, declared it a pandemic, we’ve been told “don’t panic, this is just the [flu, whatever].” We so-called “hysterics” have been correct, since we evaluated the facts, and told the truth, without concern about our stock portfolio or our re-election prospect. WE learned from the past; “the authorities” clearly have not.

      The “current reality” is the first phase of the 1918 pandemic, all over again. And back then, the same bulls**t was spewed by “leaders,” until the catastrophe was no longer able to be covered up.

      So, spare me the patronizing attitude.

    • “The way we get ahead of it is, I want people to assume that we’re overreacting because if it looks like you’re overreacting you’re probably doing the right thing.”

      — Anthony Fauci, MD – today

      The same thing applies to we little folk who are buying food & supplies, because the American People simply don’t believe the empty, no-recourse promises from “the authorities.” Like today:

      “Supply chains in the United States are strong, and it is unnecessary for the American public to hoard daily essentials.”

      — White House spokesperson Judd Deere

      Those of us who understand the logistics of these supply chains, especially those of raw materials from overseas, recognize that load would adequately fertilize a square mile of depleted soil.

    • I am already doing what I can on the front lines, if you feel so strongly, I encourage you to do the same. There are many local government agencies taking volunteers.

  4. Managing Editor: if I misrepresented her actual position, I apologize. From quotes in the other media outlet around here, that was my take of her position (i.e., keep schools open because they are not “non-essential”). However, the disingenuity of urging “social distancing” and then not ORDERING schools closed remains.

    James Montgomery: LOL, yeah, I’m going to volunteer to be a stepin fetchit for”the authorities.” While I’m completely willing to follow scientifically-sound recommendations/orders (e.g., stay at home!), I am able to do far more on my own for family, many friends, the general community, and academic colleagues by gathering, evaluating, and disseminating factual and COMPLETE information on the risks and mitigation methods of this pandemic. Since mid-January, this has occupied every spare minute of my time, to the exclusion of any “entertainment.” A significant portion of Mendocino County is NOT participating in the panic buying because I warned many in late January that disaster was coming here, soon. This was when “the authorities” were telling the masses that there was little to no risk, that it was “just like the flu,” or even that it was a partisan “hoax.” I earned the trust of many, while “experts” were lying to the public. I’m going to keep reporting factual information, which is almost always more cautious than “the authorities” (because I have no concern for my own “business interests”).

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