Details emerge in suicide of Air Force Captain Kevin Larson


3 thoughts on “Details emerge in suicide of Air Force Captain Kevin Larson

  1. This story smells. Something is not right. Unless he was facing time in a cage, why would he flee sentencing? A dishonorable discharge, if that’s what he was to receive, is definitely not something to look forward to, but neither is it the end of the world. And the huge manhunt? Really? For garden-variety offenses? I suspect this man “knew something” as a consequence of his job as a drone pilot…and had to be “neutralized.”

  2. I knew this young man. He had everything going for him and when it all came crashing down he felt hopeless. He wanted to follow his parents footsteps in law enforcement after his service with the Air Force. Having a conviction would prevent that from happening.

    I cant imagine what he was thinking. All we can do is pray for his family.

    RIP Capt Larson.

  3. Kevin may have changed his ways (apparently not all of them)but he liked to abuse women verbally and physically. I have witnessed it. He was not the bright shining star people would have you believe. His parents are good people so it still mystifies me how this Apple fell so far from the tree. Ask people up in Yakima, WA what he was really like.

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