3 thoughts on “Mendocino supervisors draft letter critical of PG&E, will vote Tuesday

  1. Many people like my husband could not work during the blackout and had to use PTO saved for illness and vacation time. I have to sleep using medical equipment, so we have to run a generator and had to buy gas daily waiting in long lines daily, not knowing how long we would be without power, while the price of gas was higher than normal and continued availability not known. Our community is a hub and place of respite for firefighters and fire refugees, so when we lose power unnecessarily, we take that clean air, good food, necessary rest, and a way to launder their gear and hot showers away from hard working firefighters. This cannot become the new normal for our State, our County or our community here on the coast. Plus, with millions of people running generators, we are adding to the carbon footprint and contributing to climate change.

  2. I personally wrote a complaint letter to Governor Newsom with regards to PG&E’s unnecessary county wide blackout. We live in Boonville, and I’m sure you know how limited we are to gas stations (only one in Boonville), ice to try and keep our freezers food from thawing, candles, (even Walmart in Ukiah th totally out) and not one home center had any generators left. We rely on pg&e to work our water pumps, to runs our wall heaters, to have access to the internet. We had to run our cars just to power our phones. When we went to Ukiah for gas, the wait in line was over an hour.
    To cap all this, there was very little wind here.

  3. “Do you know what it’s like to have soldiers come to your property to terrify your children, your grandchildren, yourself? Do you know what its’ like to have PTSD for being raided? Do you have any idea?

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