South Coast may gain power tonight, Philo & Ukiah tomorrow, Willits & Fort Bragg unclear — Ukiah schools closed (updated 2am)


9 thoughts on “South Coast may gain power tonight, Philo & Ukiah tomorrow, Willits & Fort Bragg unclear — Ukiah schools closed (updated 2am)

  1. Please do a full investigation of Comcast for not providing internet service in our area. No explanation. No help on the website. Nothing. But I bet they get that bill in mail on time.

    • Comcast does have an outage report for my ZIP, but, yes, not a lot of disclosure. And absolutely, the bill will be coming soon, with no deductions.

  2. This is total BS! I have lived in Willits 25 years and been through some hellacious weather without PG&E cutting power. The wind has not been that bad in Willits. Can’t get gas for generator even if you had one. People with wells have no water. The entirety of PG&E have been living fat and happy and not taking care of their business responsibly obviously. Communication from PG&E has been very poor to none. They knew that even a short period of service between outages would have given people a chance recharge and prepare. They sent me a message saying they may turn my power off again, when in fact they never turned it back on from the first event.
    I’m positive not a single PG&E executive has to deal with the hardship most of us are going through. Shame on us for relying on them in regards to our livelyhood, and giving a damn. This will all end with higher utility cost, to cover their negligence, and to employ even more PG&E employees to now handle what they should have been taking care of for many years.

  3. When one considers the actual definitions from the dictionary, PG&E is the arsonist for the Kincaid Fire and are committing domestic terrorism to over a million people. Turning the power off didn’t work or we’d not have the Kincaid Fire. Terrorism is described as an act that causes terror and chaos.
    How many devastating fires has this megalithic company caused? Think of the devastating fires last year and the deaths of over 100 people all told. They’ve gotten away with faulty equipment starting other deadly fires over the last couple of decades. Check Cal Fire web sites for past incidents where the finger is pointed at them, but no fines or costs paid back to Cal Fire (or CDF prior to the name change.) This is the latest retribution to customers. “We can’t raise their rates so let’s scare them enough by taking away the power til it hurts and they’ll do anything we ask.” I personally feel this way. I was a firefighter for 14 years and fought my share of blazes caused by their faulty lines.
    Do remember, their workers are our neighbors and going thru what we are. Just thank them for their work. It’s the uncaring bureaucrats spinning their web to get us under control that’s at fault

  4. The PG&E call center workers are trash, just like the executives. Call them up and ask about BSPS; you’ll get smarmy party line crap. I’m not talking about not being in the know, I mean unapologetic about the very real effects the un-natural disaster are having on folks.

  5. no power= no heat and no food or milk for my 1 year old son. Everything’s gone bad now… it’s not right my baby can’t have real food but is stuck living off of little snacks that can stay fresh and has to be wrapped in a trillion blankets to keep warm at night. I’m so over all of this!!!! What is this doing besides creating chaos! Can’t get any gas or fresh food without hectic behavior.. why? Because everyone is going into panic mode due to PG&E saying they will turn the power on then not then more empty promises and because there are children and elders who have needs, medical needs and food needs. This isn’t right to anybody! Just give us our power back! We don’t pay for this!

    • The way I see it, is that PGE wants us to suffer and then hold the customer to their demands for much higher rate increases. Bad enough that they apply every year for rate increases and get them also, but now they say it is needed for repairs that they should have done over the past years. Build a company and its the companies obligation to maintain their equipment, not the customer! PGE should be made to answer all of their lack of items/repairs and to keep the customers well informed as to what they are doing. Playing games with the customer will eventually kick back on them…time will tell.

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