Sheriff Allman updates Mendocino supervisors on cannabis raids, cannabis advocate raises concerns


6 thoughts on “Sheriff Allman updates Mendocino supervisors on cannabis raids, cannabis advocate raises concerns

  1. Casey O’Neill went before the Board of Supervisors and the sheriff…and is trying to talk sense into the Governor’s corporate-based stance. I have made disparaging comments about permitted farms and about Casey. I have to eat my words as far as Casey goes- He’s a good man! Even if he got a permit and paid into eradication funding…He is trying to shield his small neighbors from this monster corporate/state invasion. I wish Humboldt County had even ONE permitted grower brave and honest enough to do the same as Casey. There are reasons that many small growers were not able to get permits, even while they cause no environmental damage. Thank you, Casey! Please accept my apology for putting all permit growers in the “greedy and selfish” category. You are the only one I see standing up for your neighbors- and may all good come your way!

  2. There sure will be hell to pay! As sheriff Allman says, and his dept. will certainly pay! I remember the two years of getting robbed by his deputies, even though we had our permits/licenses all over our farm!
    They are all going to pay!

  3. Wow, Master Mason Allman our 33rd degree Masonic Leader is also an environmentalist, yeah right, this is nothing but another ruse by Sheriff Allman, ” We even saw The Yellow Legged Green Tree Frog”, like Allman really gives one rats ass about the tree frog, I think everyone can see that this is nothing more than another ruse by Allman to try and gain support for his failing war on Cannabis Culture in Northern Mendocino County… Allman Doesnt care about tree frogs, he cares about asset forfeiture and all the money he can steal for hos department by violently and aggressively using the tactics of armed robbery and home invasion for what are essentially code violations… The County Supervisors dont really care about critters and the environment, for years they have paid State Trappers to kill hundreds of bears, mountsin lions, raccoons, foxes and other wildlife to support people like Allman’s “hobby ranches”. This is a violent war being waged against our small mom and pop cannabis farmers, not trespass grows, not foreign gang grows, small mom and pop grows whose children are being put in harms way by violent militarized goon squads who have their trigger fingers on the trigger. Allman is nothing but a backstab and a trader to his community. Shame on you Tom, you have decided to persecute and harm your community once again, I wonder how many people Tom and his goons will hurt or kill this year with their little war games Mr Allman likes to play against his community, how many family pets like dogs will be shot this time Tom? How many children will be sent away to Toms friends pedophile Foster Care homes? How many families will you destroy this year in your quest for power and fame Tom? We all know wby you dont want the Sheriffs Eradication report on the agenda, because then there will be room for the community to show up and tell the truth, because then the supervisors can question your aggressive uncalled for antics. You are a pawn and a schill Tom, plain and simple. You spew hatred and lies while you persecute our community all the while driving up the prices of put which will mean more trespass grows in the future, good job a$$hole Tom Allman, how many citozens did you and your goon squad steal from the home of this summer, thief!

  4. Its definitely not about the environment, that is obviously just another Allman Ruse! Look how Allman prioritizes his paramilitary forces; look how many missing persons, unsolved murders dating back to the 1970’s there are, home invasions, armed robberies, child abuse cases, missing persons cases, how much coke and meth being openly sold in our bars in Laytonville, Willits, Fort Bragg and Ukiah…. all these examples where Allman and MCSO claim they have no resources to solve the real crimes. This is a perfect example of why not, Mendocino County can afford to send over 100 men as well as fuel for around 40 trucks into the back woods but Allmans excuse to the families of missing persons is “Mendocino doesn’t have the resources”…. blah blah blah… Of course we have no resources for the real crimes with victims because our Sheriff Tom Allman is too busy focusing on eradication efforts aimed at our small broke mountain communities when pot is LEGAL??? The real crimes are ignored and “shelved” so Toms ever present militarized vendetta against the Cannabis Community can continue its violent aggressive assault and campaign aimed against our small family mom and pop cannabis farmers. It is the same old story of Allman directing his armed forces to commit home invasion, armed robbery and theft against our community and neighbors all in the name of stealing money (assett forfeiture) for his corupt department, lets not forget cannabis cultivation without a permit is a misdemeanor offense. So why is Allman ignoring real crime and felonies to focus all our counties resources on Cannabis farming instead of going after felony crimes like the unsolved homicides and home invasions. Time for our County Supervisors to speak up and demand change from this corrupt band of home invading thieves. Time to solve some real crimes and get your pretty little manicure dirty Tom, dig in and solve the murders, the tweakers dealing meth and coke in our bars every weekend, lets prioritize for the sake of community safety. You have hurt and harmed enough people in our community with your resource wasting personal vendetta against cannabis farmers, give up already, you have failed Tom Allman!

  5. I grew up in Mendocino., had a small grow. And was relaxing when 12 Mendocino sheriffs busted in my gate with machine guns drawn on me screaming and cussing at me to get on my F-ing knees or they’ll blow me to pieces. Dragged my wife out of the house half naked at gun point and cuffed us for hours in the sun, refusing my request for my wife to at least get a shirt as the creepiest police you can imagine ransacked my whole property., including stealing the money out of my wallet. And I guess were supposed to believe these maniacs are environmentalists.. what a joke there nothing but bandits trying to steal as much as possible.

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