Catch 22: Status of our cannabis permit (opinion


8 thoughts on “Catch 22: Status of our cannabis permit (opinion

  1. The Mendocino B.O.S have slaughtered the Cannabis Industry when we could have been leaders and role models. They should all have their salaries cut in half instead of receiving a $36k raise. They’ve cost us so much and can never remedy this ongoing sabotage.
    No vision, no guts, no plan. It’s heartbreaking because if they had listened to seasoned, professional, responsible farmers we could have had it all. Shame on the Mendo B.O.S.

    • Again, Sherry Glaser speaks Truth to Power! It has been painful to watch our friends and families be broken apart, thrown in jail or move from the area because our BOS is not and has not been doing the job we ALL pay them to do. Stores have closed and many are about to. These businesses have been locally owned and have depended on local folks spending money locally. Well when money dries up, so do our businesses. SHAME on all of the BoS. Get to work and bury your bias against our hard working small farmers, who are bringing financial, physical and spiritual health to our community and the greater world. What a waste of potential they have caused!

  2. Concerning the pot permit “process”, Larry Rosen is reminded of the double-bind from Catch 22. He puts the blame where it belongs, with the so-called Board of Supervisors.

    In relation to that august body, another popular reference comes to mind –

    “What is it good for
    Absolutely nothing
    Say it again”

  3. One more example of wasted opportunities! Here is a quote from a very recent article from the New Yorker magazine,
    “Founded in 2003, as an illegal event, the Emerald Cup is now held at the Sonoma County fairgrounds, and tickets sell for as much as four hundred dollars apiece.”

    I remember that we had an opportunity to have that event at our fair grounds, but no…send it south and let them have 40,000 plus folks now attending and infusing their economy and tourist trade with a financial boom. Knuckleheaded is too kind of a word for BoS members.

  4. legal is legal. if the supe’s and state don’t want t grant licences, then why keep trying to comply. crops need to be in the ground now. so i’m taking your inactions as no action is needed on my part. what are you going to do about that. i know, give yourself a raise and double the 3rd district supervisor’s pay as he says he is giving it away, but i wonder if he declares it as income on his taxes and the writes it off as a contribution?

  5. This is a fiasco that’s driving the illegal farmers prices up and the legal farmers into the ground. Where is the logic? I believe the idiots making up the rules are simply scared and impotent…mixing stupidity and state. Gawd Help us All!!!!

  6. Here’s an update: I’ve spoken with planning staff about the letter by Mr. Rosen, a local attorney. They met with him and explained his project still needs a Lake and Streambed Alteration (LSA) permit from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. In the case of his project, that permit is a requirement under State law, and not an item County staff has the authority to waive for Mr. Rosen, or anyone else. I hope that helps. Dan Gjerde, County Supervisor

  7. The CDFW is also under staffed as well Mr. Gjerde. Don’t pawn off the county’s responsiblity to use the tax dollars we pay quarterly to help farmers succeed in this infantile industry. Regulate it into the ground at your own peril BOS. We’re still gonna be here like we always have doing hat we’ve always done.

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