Reports of multiple armed subjects north of Laytonville


3 thoughts on “Reports of multiple armed subjects north of Laytonville

  1. Thank you for your positive thoughts about the first responders. Seems that some folks are so interested in “Breaking News”, that they fail to remember that this news entertainment they are reading is actually because we have men and women who are working on a National Holiday, facing armed and dangerous thugs in the woods. I appreciate you thinking of these peace keepers who help keep our county safe 24/7.

    • Can you provide any additional information about what’s going on? We are receiving requests for information from concerned residents in the area.

  2. Kudos response team. And to others I ask please act rationally and give basic security on your marijuana ventures more serious consideration if you can. As a long time Sohum resident (1978) I can speak from sad evpierience when I say that no matter how safe a situation appears ,in this business, it only takes one mistake, one moment of inattention ,one bad call, to turn a business meeting into a terrifing fight for survival. Please keep in mind that to millions of people 2-3 thousand dollars is more than reason to lie, cheat, assault, and even kill. Be trusting, be ire, look on the positive side, but be careful too please , no amount of pot is worth a human life Thanks..

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