State investigating unprecedented county-wide ballot mailing error for Mendocino County voters


9 thoughts on “State investigating unprecedented county-wide ballot mailing error for Mendocino County voters

  1. Too bad for me that I am leaving the country on Feb. 10 and not returning until March 24. I did get a Republican ballot but I am not a republican. I guess that I am out of luck so far as voting in this primary election goes this year.

    If I had been sent the proper ballot, I planned to drop it in the mail on my way to the airport.

    These oversights and errors cost me my vote.

  2. 1st. It sounds like the county is trying to say I gave my responsibility to a contractor so you can’t hold me responsible,because they did not make sure my job was done correctly.
    2nd who is the third party that is not being named (ballots printed in my garage)
    Why is there not a mandate that you can not sub you contract out that you have with the county
    Owner builders are not allowed to hirer help! Come on what the hell is going on here?

  3. I have had several people contact me since writing the story with worries about this being a conspiracy. It could have been. I don’t discount that but I did check on itthe . I thought it would be best to post a response to a response here. I researched the company, IVS and talked to CEO, who seemed like a great guy who has family in Nor Cal. That doesnt mean something dark didnt happen by itself. But I did a lot of research and found an extensive paper trail of mistakes by the company in the past. They are all over, Colorado and Florida (yikes) but reading the stories about the company gave me the idea this was just a mistake. The CEO said, ask people who think this is a conspiracy how it could possibly work? Was this going to go unnoticed? I had a link to some of the past history in the article but we dropped it somehow. I would encourage those who still think there is something more to this story to read the company website . And here are a couple of articles by unrelated to us news sources…
    and and more if you look deeper, pretty much the same stuff.
    If you read the company website you will see a fantastic overselling of “AI” and automation. That’s really the problem. There is a state of California report also that shows efforts to put human eyes in the process is being thwarted by the fact ALL the election services companies are so heavily into automation that they cannot provide any requested services that can’t be done by robots. This is the real threat we face right now, not conspiracies about voting.

  4. Which CEO of IVS? There are other resources (including on their own website) that list Chris Stallings of Texas as the CEO of IVS, rather than Eric Kozlowski. On fb in 2020, Stallings posted the biggest vote by mail printer couldn’t be trusted because it was “located outside Seattle Washington”

    • I only know I asked him his title and he said CEO. He is listed as VP in other places. Many of those listings are very old that come in Google search but their own website is telling. The other thing people have asked me is why the name of the sub contractor wasnt given. In the article I had Eric K saying the contractor was a former employee of IVS. We didnt end up having that in. He said he wasnt going to give the name, but if the state has any sort of investigation it should be in there. Also, Im still curious about what was wrong with the GOP 1st district ballots, that part doesn’t exactly add up.

  5. Im in tuolumne county and have received the wrong ballot as well. I received a non partisan ballot but am a registered republican. This is ridiculous

  6. but what does a voter do now if his/her first ballot was mailed in already?????
    any meaningful replies or direction gratefully received

    • You need to call them. They can get this fixed if you call. They will hand locate your old ballot and remove. Its in the story with more detail on this in the press release at the bottom.

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