Judge denies Skunk Train’s efforts to delay legal case


6 thoughts on “Judge denies Skunk Train’s efforts to delay legal case

  1. Good article and great coverage
    But “Union Pacific Mill” is incorrect. The actual name of the mill was “The Union Lumber Company” which was sold to Boise Cascade in 1973 which in turn was absorbed into Georgia Pacific.

  2. The Short Story is liberals OBSTRUCT anything of value. California is descending into a state of banana republic. Any normal developer will leave this state asap.

    • Wow, great advice. Maybe you should take your own advice and leave. the state?

  3. A few thoughts. First, the article is good journalism, factual and unbiased. Secondly, if the Skunk Train owners were making needed repairs for safety or environmental reasons, why should they be fined and castigated? Is it because it is a fight over turf, instead of what’s good for the community.

    Thirdly, I think the answer to that question lies in these two sentences:

    “Coastal Commission Attorney Patrick Tuck said it was important to get started on discovery to find out what has been going on at the old mill site as soon as possible.

    Railroad attorney Beard said the Coastal Commission had been invited to come to the site and look and had declined.”

  4. The city has only a few income revenue torist attractions and the RXR is the greatest. It has also been a local public service. City is wrong and unprofessional.

  5. Lol
    I guess Ole skunk trains plans for the train car hotels along coast will have to be put on backburner……but what to do with all those partially converted train cars they bought that are sitting in another state? I know the builder ran with some of the money but the cars are still there…….was that covid relief money

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