Election night Fort Bragg votes overwhelmingly support street tax


5 thoughts on “Election night Fort Bragg votes overwhelmingly support street tax

  1. It is pretty sad when a city tax is decided by one quarter (25%) of eligible voters. I support the tax for our road maintenance but it also was to keep it until we vote to repeal it. With this kind of low voter participation, I hope we don’t have to vote to decide wether or not to change the town’s name.

  2. It’s an ideal tax for city residents in that the majority of the tax revenue will be extracted from those who live outside the city limits. Those who end up paying for most of the street work will get little if any benefit and have no vote on the matter. Once we get a Supervisor that is inclined to do the work again maybe the county can help with any necessary infrastructure needed to open up more lower tax rate shopping districts outside of the city limits.

    • If your spending money in Fort Bragg you are using the city streets and now are paying a share of the cost to maintain those streets. It may be said that the more money you spend in town, the more you use those streets. The projected annual revenue from this tax is less than $1.5 million. At today’s prevailing wages and costs, that doesn’t go far.

  3. A recent customer called fort Bragg “shabby”. How about earmarking some of that money to remove the weeds growing on every block of Main Street.

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