The ultimate guide to dog-friendly dining in Mendocino County


2 thoughts on “The ultimate guide to dog-friendly dining in Mendocino County

  1. Dogs, or any pet, have no place in a restarant. If you do not understand this, or do not appreciate the dining experience of others, or understand why pets have no place in a restraunt, well, then, grab a leash and take yourself for a walk.

    • I agree. In the old days, as I was growing up anyway, going out to dinner was a special event. We dressed up a little bit. Kids were on their best behavior. I suppose like a lot of things in America now days, there is a letting go of tradition, of decency and respect. I would like to see another list that shows the eating establishments that have an area where animals are not permitted. A roped=off area that is like a non-smoking area of the establishment. A place where animals are not stepped on, fed under the table, and there is no chance of an accident, which would cause me to never to return, ever again.

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