The ultimate guide to dog-friendly dining in Mendocino County


3 thoughts on “The ultimate guide to dog-friendly dining in Mendocino County

  1. Dogs, or any pet, have no place in a restarant. If you do not understand this, or do not appreciate the dining experience of others, or understand why pets have no place in a restraunt, well, then, grab a leash and take yourself for a walk.

    • I agree. In the old days, as I was growing up anyway, going out to dinner was a special event. We dressed up a little bit. Kids were on their best behavior. I suppose like a lot of things in America now days, there is a letting go of tradition, of decency and respect. I would like to see another list that shows the eating establishments that have an area where animals are not permitted. A roped=off area that is like a non-smoking area of the establishment. A place where animals are not stepped on, fed under the table, and there is no chance of an accident, which would cause me to never to return, ever again.

  2. My dog loves to go out to a restaurant as much as I do. We had a lovely lunch on the deck of Silver’s. Brutus stayed in his place even when people tried to entice him. Most people wanted to throw him a treat so we allowed it. Dogs can be taught to act properly in a formal setting and have minds capable of doing many, many more things than some people understand. Its usually the person who is confused. Dogs are pack animals and they do what you do.

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