Just how do the unhoused in Mendocino County stay dry?


5 thoughts on “Just how do the unhoused in Mendocino County stay dry?

  1. Building Bridges itself draws many people, it is not a good location where the surrounding neighborhoods are residential and it creates problems even with nearby businesses. The people collect all around the facility leaving trash heaps and causing fights, assaults and other crime including drug use and dealing. This article refers to drug users who stay at this facility, not to mention those who are mentally ill or high on drugs. Take a look directly across the street. Piles of trash, the field had to be fenced off due to fires and camping. Read the police logs for South State St.

  2. The post office in Willits had homeless people in the lobby, smoking in their beds, when I tried to get my mail last week at 5:45 pm. Because I was assaulted by a homeless man last year, and because I am disabled, I turned around and left.

    I don’t know what the answer is, but this makes my life more difficult because at 70 I am still working regular hours.

    • Your an idiot. You were assaulted? I call shenanigans and say if you were, you had it coming. It’s people like you make problems for people like me. Knockout off grow up and get a clue?

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