2 thoughts on “‘Save Jackson Forest’ rallies this week focus on climate and racial justice as Cal Fire plans to resume timber harvest

  1. The Pomo tribes are in negotiations with CAL FIRE. They have not been given the keys to the kingdom (yet). They already are given preferential treatment to be notified and participate in the THP process. Rarely have they exercised that right. Presently that land belongs to all Californians including the tribes. Hopefully it will stay that way. These projects need to be completed and cleaned up. Too bad the activists feel entitled to something they’re not. Good luck in Sacramento.

  2. What a bunch of activist nonsense. The “Demonstration” aspect of Jackson State Forest was designed to test new forest practice methods, including timber harvesting. These tests would help improve forest practices across the state. Instead of being rational the activists resort to the intentionally divisive “There’s a racist behind every blade of grass” nonsense. Guess what, elitist tree huggers: Phony charges of racism are racist.

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