6 thoughts on “Willits police face criticism for 2-hour response time in Friday morning shooting

  1. It took them 2 hours because they were busy writing parking tickets, In Safeway parking lot for parking in the charge station for charging electric cars, $57.50 ticket was on my windshield when i got in my car, Petty s*** instead of protecting the people , Its real important to write parking tickets GOOD JOB WPD.

    • I pulled into the dinosaur mart gas station about 4 months ago got out to pump gas and just as I went to put my card into the pump a willits police officer pulled in behind me….He got out and proceeded to write me a ticket for no mud flaps….I know it’s a violation but when there are 3 other 4×4 pickups in the same gas station without mudflats…that’s when I knew I was getting profiled…when I told the officer I wasn’t gonna sign the ticket he dropped his pen and pad and grabbed his cuff and said your going to jail….(I also dont have an arrest record either)….
      1Way to go willits police Department….your job is to protect and serve not annoy and harrass

  2. It has to be the current roster of cops. I was pulled over and my car, which happened to be my home and only protection from the elements, impounded for expired registration and my license had expired. Just expired, not suspended or revoked. Due to Pandemic i was having a hard time getting my license renewed. I was forced to throw everything i own on the sidewalk. My clothes, my blankets, tools for a job that i dont have anymore and food. I wont name the cop(police officers are there to protect and serve) because of retaliation by the cops. I know that my registration was expired, a infraction, but did that require that my home and transportation to and from work( a job i lost) really require this level of response? Apparently so, given the fact it was more important to issue parking tickets than stop a potential murder. Given the current state of things, i really worry about how or how they don’t respond.

  3. Crazy…it used to be if you sneezed while driving you’d get pulled over & 5 cops would be there ripping into you. Now someone calls in a shooting & they take their sweet time. I never would’ve thought Willits would be like this.

  4. I have been observing that the WPD has seemed more organized recently after going through a period where they did not appear to be well organized. The report is concerning, but I am open to explanations and the notion that the experience will be addressed and that we will all be better off for it.

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