3 thoughts on “Desalination plant arrives in Fort Bragg, ushering in new era of water management

  1. Has Ft B not even spoken to Cal fire? Cal fire boasts that they have their own aquifers in Jackson demo forest, and that even a single timber harvest plan uses 600,000 gallons of water, just to keep the logging roads wet. Why are we not buying their water? They say they need the trees cut so they can have the money to continue running Cal fire. But the archaic lumber practices They are still using from the 30s had nothing to do with water conservation and use. Time for them to adapt to modern needs and drought conditions. Sell us your water, rather than cutting down the trees that keep our coast cool

    Unless of course they’ve poisoned their aquifers with hack and squirt all of these decades, and they wouldn’t trust selling their water to us..

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