2 thoughts on “Covid-19 brings a staffing crisis in health care: Miller Report for October 5, 2021

  1. Keep on firing fully-qualified staff, imbeciles! Or are you people doing this all deliberately, to wreck the system? So you can “Build Back Better” for the Great Reset?

    Anyone who supports the “mandates” to take the Clot Shots / Stroke Pokes / Harmful Armfuls should have to wait at the back of the line for service. They WANTED this.

    • lol keep kidding yourself bud. Those are charming little rhyme schemes though, let’s hope they protect you more than the vaccine would. It’s not like anyone who’s avoided the shot has gotten sick and died recently or anything. Keep telling yourself it’s the vaccine that’s dangerous, and that healthcare workers shouldn’t be required to get it. Alternative facts and anti-logic are clearly the best way to own the libs. Just ask the many recipients of the Herman Cain Award this year.

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