2 thoughts on “Activists halt logging in Jackson Demonstration State Forest

  1. So since you only reported the masked fake name side…..I will explain the picture of the tree that was sawed up and not fell. Many unforseen events that may take place while just cutting. Wind could of picked up, saw could of broke, maybe limb locked and needed a couple extra wedges, another Co worker needed a hand,maybe ax handle broke….one of the safety rules when cutting is don’t go wondering in someone else’s strip! This is why the area is closed to the public so people that don’t work with the knowledge of the industry won’t get hurt. As a person that works in the industry we look out for each other so nobody gets hurt….then you throw people that are not aware or educated about the woods wondering around is not fair to us. We don’t want to see anyone get hurt….end of the day we want to all go home to our families.

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