What changes when California “reopens” June 15 (CalMatters)


5 thoughts on “What changes when California “reopens” June 15 (CalMatters)

  1. Now we r prisoners of these government I thought this in the land of the free guess we were wrong Jesus coming

    • Maranatha! The Devil has total control of the “governments” of this fallen world. COVID-19(84) will continue, and get worse. But it will end abruptly when Christ returns to set all things right.

  2. The “vaccine passport” is blatantly unconstitutional. I wouldn’t mind, however, if the “vaccinated” wore some kind of identification so I’ll know to stay far from them and the microvesicles that contaminate whoever who gets near them. (“Vaccine” is in quotation marks because the unapproved but rushed to market mRNA gene altering injection is not a vaccine.)

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